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  1. Y

    How to upload and connect my landing page in adcombo

    Hello everyone, I have created my own landing page that I want to upload and connect in Adcombo account. Can anyone tell me how do i do that? Thanks
  2. Hamim Hasan

    Adcombo Referral Program - Help me Earn 7100 USD - But Some S**m Exposed

    @Adcombo I'm really sorry to make such a post but to be honest, they did me a disservice. I have worked hard to get more than 600 publishers recruited into their network. But they have repeatedly broken their word. They had a program where if my referral publishers earned 50,000 USD within 6...
  3. Y

    Adcombo API integration

    Hello everyone! Hi, I am an affiliate marketer at adcombo, I promote nutra offers I'm looking for a guide to create an API and use my own landing pages ? can anyone help me I will be grateful, Thank you
  4. Anastasia AdCombo


    Hello everyone! We are a young team which has just stepped into the field of affiliate marketing – RPT. Today we want to present our short case to you. We have been driving traffic to AdCombo’s adult offers for different GEOs. There will be no overwhelming numbers, but we will try to describe...

    Help! Bemob and Adcombo Conversion tracking

    hello, i have created a custom landing page to promote Adcombo offer using their API. that means visitor can order product from my landing without redirecting to the vendor website. but i don't understand how to track conversion with bemob? please help me..
  6. Flaxy

    On a journey to create a positive roi% with popunder ads

    Hey guys, This is my first journey here on affiliatefix and with this thread I wanted to create a journal for myself to document everything. Hopefully this will be of use for others as well in the form of motivation or knowledge. CPA Network: Peerfly, OGads, Adcombo, CPAlead, Mobidea (my...
  7. liam1102

    Someone please help me for set API Adcombo to Wordpess...

    Hi Guys, I would like to set API Adcombo to Wordpess. Someone pls help me fot that. Thank you!
  8. E

    Affiliate Landing Page

    Hello guys, Looking to hire Landing page tied with aff system integration. Please pm
  9. Anastasia AdCombo


    AdCombo is not only about hard work, but it’s also about great, awesome parties too! Anyone who had ever visited our events remembers them for a long time! And if you don’t believe us, there is a way to check the fact – we invite you to the AdCombo 5th-anniversary party that will be held in...
  10. Anastasia AdCombo


    AdCombo’s Royal Fit! A special bonus that is available only for our publishers. We’ve got to show what the real network’s concern looks like. AdCombo and ePayService provide you with an exclusive opportunity to solve all the payment concerns. EPayService is ready to provide a universal solution...
  11. Anastasia AdCombo

    Ask Me Anything CASE-STUDY. ECOSPRAY WITH 171% ROI

    We are still ready to buy your case-study for a good price. And this case-study was sent to us by Jane. Let us give her the floor! CPA network: AdCombo Offer: Ecospray GEO: Lebanon Traffic Source: PropellerAds – Push Notifications Ad Spend: $387 Revenue: $1050 ROI: 171% Hello, case-study...
  12. Anastasia AdCombo

    Affiliates Wanted Adult + Nutra offers | Cash-on-Delivery | Biweekly payous | Local call-centers

    Skype George: egor.kacherovsky Anatasia: anast.titova
  13. youngnutramoney

    Adcombo & native can it work?

    Hey, I was wondering if there is anyone out there is actually making Adcombo offers work on native profitably without running your own offer lander through API? I run other COD networks on native and they all have WAY WAY better confirm rates, plus their standard pre-lander/landers convert way...
  14. Anastasia AdCombo


    AdCombo always participates in the major industry events around the world: ADdays, AWE, AWA, adtech, DMEXCO are just a few of them. We are really excited about meeting our dear affiliates from different parts of the world. So it’s clear with us, but why should affiliates attend meetups and...
  15. affiliatelk

    Need advice on My Native ads campaign !

    I would like to run Native ads through promote Adcombo's COD offers (Health & Beauty). Native ads platform - MGID Affiliate Network - AdCombo Niche - Health & Beauty I would like to spend $100 per day in MGID. I would like to find the native ads images, headlines through #Adplexity Native...
  16. craig88

    PHP Code Help Needed - Adcombo

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to do an API intergration so that my webpage sends a customers details directly to the network so they can then follow up with the order. But I'm struggling with PHP code not being correct. This is the help URL which they have provided: Incoming orders API - AdCombo Docs -...
  17. affiliatelk

    Adcombo + Voluum Setup!

    Hi bro, I setup voluum tracker for my adcombo COD (Cash on delivery offer). I did it my self and contact with adcombo manager, voluum representative and my MGID traffic source manager, they said every think is correct with my setup. My adcombo dashboard shows that I got 8 conversions but my...
  18. faceoffsuccess07

    my road to success with mobile CPA - $10,000/month Goal - Update 11/14/2017

    Hi Guys, After gathering information from this forum for months, I just decided to launch my first campaign. Aff Network :Adcombo Offer payout :$6.00 Offer type : Adult Traffic source :Traffic Force, and others So i loaded my traffic source with $100, used hidemyass and user agent switcher...
  19. SY Abuzar

    S2S Postabcks linking from juicyads with Adcombo

    Hello there, Can anybody help me to link SPS Postabcks (from juicyads) with an Adcombo CPA offer? I tried their help page but it's a little bit hard to understand exactly.
  20. Rocky Khan

    Need AdworkMedia/AdCombo help

    can anyone help me to Adwork media or Adcombo offer promote on Bing capmaign..