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  1. Honeybadger

    1st Affiliate Campaign with Push Ads (to be continued)

    Decided to 'bite the bullet' and spend 1 hour per day (after work) running my 1st affiliate marketing campaign with push ad notifications - target is to earn $200 from $100 investment pot I know zero about this system, so this week just learning the ropes before start to test, will be watching...
  2. A

    cpa with pops

    Hello, guys. well, im a newbie on affilaite marketing and i found this forum by doing some searsh on google about pops traffic sources, i read a few article about popunder networks, but i dont found yet what im looking for ! first im sorry for my bad i have an account on mobedia and...
  3. Flaxy

    On a journey to create a positive roi% with popunder ads

    Hey guys, This is my first journey here on affiliatefix and with this thread I wanted to create a journal for myself to document everything. Hopefully this will be of use for others as well in the form of motivation or knowledge. CPA Network: Peerfly, OGads, Adcombo, CPAlead, Mobidea (my...
  4. T J Tutor

    AdPlexity Webinar with special guest Benjamin from Mobidea

    LEARN to EARN with AdPlexity and with special guest Benjamin from Mobidea. Watch the replay of this very cool walk-through by Alex of AdPlexity, including the 2nd half with Benjamin from Mobidea showing how he uses AdPlexity for his company. ADPLEXITY SPECIAL CLICK THE BANNER TO SIGN UP FOR...
  5. editory

    Mobidea not answering!

    Hey guys, Since 20 Dec mobidea stopped answer me.. even in chat, email, twitter.. it's only for me? or some of you also have that problem? Typing them every day, but no answer..
  6. Mohamed izaar

    What is the best traffic source for dating offers ?

    Hello all I want to lunch a campaign for a dating offer it accepts only mobile traffic and can you help me about best traffic source and if i will need a landing page or a banner ... or any idea i will be happy for your help Thank you so much
  7. Mohamed izaar

    Hello there , i'm an affiliate in Mobidea

    I will be glad to discussing with all members strategies and traffic sources for cpa offers Thank you in advance
  8. Mobidea

    Dive into Mobidea's Mainstream Fever Contest!

    Hey guys! Ready to dive into Mobidea's Mainstream Fever Contest? This time, you’ll get the chance to earn extra Rev Share of 25% with a cap of $1000! How? From May 22nd until June 22nd, you need to promote Mainstream Mobile Content offers, including the Smartlink! Which means? The...
  9. Mobidea

    Announcement Mobidea: Pop Traffic Master Class with Andrew Payne! + Bonus

    Happy Friday to all forum members! We are happy to announce the third free Mobidea webinar: Pop Traffic Master Class with Andrew Payne! Andrew is well-known in the affiliate industry as a digital marketing expert that's got over 10 years of experience. He's currently focusing on popunder...
  10. Mobidea

    New Contest on Mobidea! (Dating, Coupons and Vouchers)

    Great news! Mobidea has announced the first contest of this year - Triple Thread! Giving away 1k for those running Dating or Coupons and Vouchers offers (this time, there are no restrictions when it comes to using the Smartlink so dive into it!) Your goal? Make more money than during the...
  11. Mobidea

    Announcement Webinar: Single Offers - Get the Most of it!

    Hey guys! The first Mobidea Webinar was a huge success, we have received lots of positive feedback and requests for the next one. That's why we are now happy to announce The Second Mobidea Webinar, which is gonna be all about Single offers and the way you can make them work for you...
  12. hasi

    Mobidea Journey

    Hi Afffix community, I decided to try CPA marketing. Start some test campaigns. Network: mobidea, Traffic source: Mobicow(Direct link, UK traffic:-). I spent around $10 for 2 conversions. used mobidea's inbuilt tracker. ROI is wrong because I didn't setup it correctly. Sry for my bad english
  13. Mobidea

    Webinar: Getting Started with Mobidea

    Hey guys! I'm happy to announce that Mobidea will be giving a webinar really soon! If you are one of our followers on Affiliate Fix you will definitely be curious to check it, since the host is someone you see answering questions and sharing Mobidea insights here on Affiliate Fix - me! In...
  14. Mobidea

    Announcement Black Friday at Mobidea - Get the Discounts on Best Affiliate Marketing Tools

    Disclaimer: you should remember to take the time zone of each specific platform into account, since it may mean you won’t actually be able to take advantage of these discounts. Hey guys! Mobidea prepared something really special for you: we’re pulling all the stops and getting ready to...
  15. Mobidea

    Mobidea Giving Away 5K!

    Our BreakDance Challenge is not over yet, but still it doesn't bother us from giving away even more cash! The Mobidea Crew is at it again, with another contest that’s bound to give you a lot of saucy moolah! It’s a giveaway of €5000! Wondering about which prizes we’ve got for you? -1...
  16. A

    Mobidea's new integrated tracker. Do you use it?

    Mobidea rolled out an awesome tracker few months ago. It looks a lot like Voluum and is free but do you think it is a good idea to use it since obviously it gives out all the info about traffic sources, landers, etc to the network?
  17. Mobidea

    Push Special Verticals and Earn Up to $2000 on Mobidea!

    Mobidea has got a hot new contest! It’s the Breakdance Challenge and it’ll allow you to win money like it’s no big deal! All you have to do is promote specific verticals and you can end up earning up to $2000! The contest will have a duration of 90 days: it starts on September 18th and...
  18. Mobidea

    Get EXTRA REV SHARE for running Sweepstakes on MOBIDEA!

    Mobidea is announcing a new contest: the Sweepstakes Disco Contest! The goal is for affiliates to earn money with Sweepstakes and the contest is gonna have a duration of 30 days: it starts on August 21st and ends on September 21st. The number one winner will be announced on September 22nd...
  19. abdellahi

    My Mobidea payment

    nothing wort then getting paid Daily thanks @Mobidea
  20. Mobidea

    Facebook Ads - tips to boost your campaign!

    Facebook Ads is a powerful tool to reach a high-quality audience – one that’s deeply related to the product you’re advertising. In addition, Facebook has over 1 billion active users accessing the platform through mobile on a monthly basis! This basically means Facebook is simply amazing for...