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How to optimize a campaign that only generated 1 lead?

Yassine Ifis

Hi guys,

Last Saturday 10 October, I created 5 campaigns targeting one country, one operating system, one gender, one app/site audience. All what was different is the carrier, I targeted 5 carriers for each campaign.

I set under each campaign 5 banners (the same angle but with different synonyms) and I used 2 landing pages.

I set CPC $0.05 and daily budget $5 (offer pays $0.20 for app install)

The results was 3 leads but my tracker just tracked one, because I made a mistake before I fix it.

I said to myself, I can't optimize the campaign basing on one lead. So again, I created 5 campaigns using the same targeting. I just added day parting and t I changed banners font color and added border (which result in a good CTR) and I used one landing page design but with 2 different concept.

The result was 1 lead!

I don't know how do I optimize this campaign? please help!


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
It all depends on the oofer itself,. tell us a little more about it.
Another thing whoch is always useful is asking your account manager with what carrier it works better. And not only carriers, btw. It really can save your money and time for the managers usually have such statistics


bro. you set cpc 0.05$ ( offer pays 0.2$ for app install) .you will lost many money.
+ if you promote non incent
0.05$/ click , 4clicks = 0.2$ => if 4 clicks you have 1 conversion => cr= 25% very hight , you will earn 0.2$(install) - 0.2$(ppc) = 0.0$
0.05$/ click , 5clicks = 0.25$ => if 5 clicks you have 1 conversion => cr= 20% very hight , you will earn 0.2$(install) - 0.25$(ppc)= -0.05 (you lost 0.05$)
0.05$/ click , 50clicks = 2.55$ => if 50 clicks you have 1 conversion => cr= 2% good cr , you will earn 0.2$(install) - 2.5$(ppc) = - 2.3 (you lost 2.3$)
sorry for my english and my experience.


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Like @vimaru said, this campaign may not have potential.
Your CPC is too high, and the CR needs to be 25% to just breakeven.

You can't ever optimize by 1 lead.


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Try to put all the carriers in the same campaign and wait for more data; do not optimize until you have enough information. Did the 5€ budget last for the whole day? And do you know from your adnetwork which is your position or which percentage of the market are you getting?