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  1. ouss-sebti

    is it hard to test a mobile campaign?

    Hi I want to start a campaign, I heard somewhere that is hard to test a mobile campaign, and it need a large budget, because in this case we have more parameters, and in another place i heard that mobile offers are good for newbies. please help me, i'm confused. thanks!
  2. Dustin Barruela

    Selling Traffic HQ Traffic on CPM! (read for more info)

    We have massive inventory for Display on CPM. Inventory is Global. Can reach 200 countries. Targeting features: 1. Carrier/ISP 2. ATL/BTL placement 3. Browser 4. Operating System 5. Browser 6. Geo 7. Device We accept third party tags as well. We do not support passback tags or floor...
  3. A

    Announcement New CPI network: ALLITAPP - we value each click

    If you have mobile traffic and you're looking to sell it at the most optimal price - we urge you to consider what allitapp has to offer you! A dynamically developing affiliate network is buying mobile traffic on CPI, CPR, CPA, CPE basis WORLDWIDE. Especially if it works well with lifestyle...
  4. E

    Try To Dominate Mobile Adult

    Hello everybody here on AffiliateFix I start this thread to share with you my campaigns and see how it goes I have a little experience with adult traffic which i made 250-300$ before 4-5 months in PeerFly now i start a new campagin in affiliaXe because my profit offer on PeerFly was not convert...
  5. Mobidea

    Signs – How to analyze campaign's variations

    Concurrently, as good results appear, word of mouth and digital marketing get more market share. Therefore, competition starts to increase on a daily basis. These are two aspects of the same story that you should be able to face and work with. Even though having good results is a challenging...
  6. M

    Which tracking is the best which not expensive ?

    Hello, Currently I use Voluum tracking but I'm searching for another tracking more Cheaper than Voluum so i found APPSFLYER ... What you about it for Mobile or Web campaigns tracking Considering that most of time I'm working with direct link campaign i mean without using landing pages So, Is...
  7. Jungletap

    Affiliates Wanted Holidays CPI offers :)

    Hi guys! I just wonder who working on winter holidays? We will be working till the 31st of December. Ping us if you want to take new offers ;)
  8. Fapohunda Olufemi John

    My reservation on MOBIDEA

    It started like yesterday when I tried to promote in novices, and I did choose adult niche to promote.In my usual custom, I tried to test the link if it's work and to my greatest surprise, an adult campaign landed on a game-download page. I first Thot it was an error from my own part until I...
  9. CashflowChase

    My Affiliate Network Set Up.

    I've been following the requirements to start up in affiliate network. I rather start with mobile affiliate networking. 1. Got Accepted into MoreNiche, CheetahMediaLink(Mobile),Paydot 2. Bought a Domain at for dirtcheap might not be the best for getting a domain name. I can register...
  10. CashflowChase

    What to follow for newbies?

    I was wondering if someone could layout the steps for me I have already been accepted in a affiliate and mobile network. I am a member of cheetah media link which offers mobile offerings. Do I build a mobile landing page, and what would my platform be? I have the tools to get an already made...
  11. Chittaranjan Singh

    VCLIX - A ValueFirst Initiative

    VCLIX Is A Programmatic Powered & Results Led Cross Channel Digital Advertising Platform, Covering The Entire Spectrum Of The Digital Advertising Including - Email, Display, Video, Search And Social. VCLIX Has Delivered 3 Million App Install, 2 Million Leads In Last Quarter, With Its 5000+...
  12. A

    Announcement [HOT] Earn $100K! Across Adxmi CPI Network: 9% Extra Bonus+Net 7

    Hey Guys: This is Chris from Adxmi. Adxmi is a leading mobile advertising network, here is our website: We are excited to announce our special affiliates bonus plan. Sign up to become an affiliate, make unlimited commission and extra bonus. sign up @ We...
  13. Steliyan Ivanov

    Mybestlick Mobi is looking for new publishers!

    Hi everyone, I am Steliyan Ivanov from Mybestclick Mobi and I am Account Manager here. I am looking for CPA / CPI mobile traffic sources for our Android and iOS apps. Please let me know if you provide mobile traffic! Skype: steliyan.mybestclick
  14. Yassine Ifis

    How to optimize a campaign that only generated 1 lead?

    Hi guys, Last Saturday 10 October, I created 5 campaigns targeting one country, one operating system, one gender, one app/site audience. All what was different is the carrier, I targeted 5 carriers for each campaign. I set under each campaign 5 banners (the same angle but with different...
  15. Yol

    [Follow along] Launch Mobile Campaign

    Hi guys! I will briefly state my previous humble experiences about CPA. First of all, I am a great fan of Peerfly and earn most of my CPA $ from them. Thanks to Luke for all the support and guide. I used to run dating campaigns from peerfly offers and my traffic source was Plenty of Fish. It...
  16. Yol

    I will be launching Mobile Offers

    It will be my first time to run mobile campaigns as I do heavy on Plenty of Fish. I think I am ready for a mobile war like a Private in an Army. For veterans in the mobile field: your advice, warning, and tips are highly appreciated. Thanks and more power to all of us! Regards.