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Announcement New CPI network: ALLITAPP - we value each click

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by allitapp, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. allitapp

    allitapp Guest

    If you have mobile traffic and you're looking to sell it at the most optimal price - we urge you to consider what allitapp has to offer you!

    A dynamically developing affiliate network is buying mobile traffic on CPI, CPR, CPA, CPE basis WORLDWIDE. Especially if it works well with lifestyle, eCommerce, travelling and gaming verticals!

    We know how tired you are of mainstream campaigns, low payouts and poor support.

    Your deliverance is close!
    We work day and night to grant you access to the hottest and the most profitable campaigns available in the most promising verticals and markets of the world.

    We have dozens of the most profitable offers in the following verticals:
    - Lifestyle
    - eCommerce
    - Hotels & Travelling
    - Utilities
    - Games
    - Gambling

    We know how important is ROI for you, so we do our best to ensure the highest possible payouts and the most optimal conversion rates of campaigns for your benefit.

    We open the most interesting and profitable markets for advertising:
    - English speaking countries
    - Western Europe
    - Asia
    - South East Asia
    - Russia
    - Latin America

    We invite you to experience the new level of affiliate marketing, made possible by the efforts of the allitapp team.

    Join us right now - start making profit today.

    To discuss the cooperation please ping me on Skype - allitapp.support (feel free to connect anytime) or private messages at Affiliatefix
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  3. allitapp

    allitapp Guest

    Guys, my name is Natalya and I am Account Manager at allitapp mobile advertising platform.
    We are looking for direct publishers, please never hesitate to contact me in Skype - allitapp.support