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[Follow along] Launch Mobile Campaign

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by Yol, Sep 29, 2015.

What do you think of my mobile game plan?

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  1. Yol

    Yol Affiliate affiliate

    Hi guys!

    I will briefly state my previous humble experiences about CPA. First of all, I am a great fan of Peerfly and earn most of my CPA $ from them. Thanks to Luke for all the support and guide.

    I used to run dating campaigns from peerfly offers and my traffic source was Plenty of Fish. It was pretty small campaigns because I was hesitant to invest more for advertising from my hard earned money (my salary was only $250/month).

    Before promoting Plenty of Fish, I run dating offers in facebook and got 2 conversions and few hours after, my ad was paused and my facebook ad account was eventually banned. (I have new fb ad account now though)

    I have some conversions also through facebook fanpage. I have 2 fanpages (1 has more than 4k fans and the other fanpage has more than 9k fans) I only earn CPA and Amazon Associate from 4k fans page.

    I also promote email submits (visa gift cards) through youtube videos. Actually I only have 2 youtube videos and it generated me a little daily income of $4 on average. Both youtube videos reached 8k views before they were banned by youtube. (I wonder why other videos that copied my exact video is still live while mine was already banned?.. anyway, you know the answer, right? They copy my video and then they flagged it after copying - so Rude! Dog eats dog game lol)

    Here is the screenshot of my little peerfly earnings: (I included my AM and Idol Luke)


    To make the long story short, I quit. The year was 2012-2013. After quiting, I focus on freelancing and got a client from odesk who wanted to promote CPA offers and even subscribed for StackThatMoney account.

    I was so thankful and overwhelmed with the information I get inside the forum. But then again, I did not run any more campaigns for fear of losing my hard earned dollar.

    However, just this Month I am 100% decided to run campaigns again - this time with mobile offers.

    Here is what I will do (please give input, advice, or remind me to do it as days goes)

    1. Promote Mobile Voucher offers or App Install. (I'll talk more of this to my AM Luke)
    2. Affiliate Network - Peerfly or any that you highly recommend. My priority is Peerfly though
    3. Traffic Source - Mobicow. Initial fund is $150 (I know this is little for testing, I will add more funds next week)
    4. Tracking Software - Adsbridge
    5. Geo - Countries in Asia (I will soon be specific as to what Asian country after coordinating with Luke)
    6. Will create 3 Angles and 3 Ads for each Angle for the first week of the campaign.
    7. Will add more ads to performing angle. I will rely on this magical formula to determine what campaign will perform well - Exact Binomial and Poisson Confidence Intervals
    8. (This Step will be open for any suggestions and recommendation from you guys! ;))
    9. Scale the campaign
    I know the steps above are quite general. I will be as detailed as possible as we go along the way, with your help of course! :).

    I am now willing to risk - my mind setting is to focus on the possible gain rather than be afraid of the possible losses..

    The gain in promoting mobile offers far outweigh the possible losses when done right in my opinion. What do you think?
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  2. Globaxy
  3. Yol

    Yol Affiliate affiliate

    Sorry, I posted this thread to a wrong section.. It should have been posted to follow alongs and online journey..
    Can I request for moderator to transfer this to the right section? thanks
    My apology..
  4. AF-Roger

    AF-Roger Affiliate affiliate

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  5. Yol

    Yol Affiliate affiliate

    Yhanks AF-Roger
  6. Yol

    Yol Affiliate affiliate

    Just wanna ask, how can we able to easily test if the pixel fires for mobile offers that needs to verify phone numbers?

    I just wonder.. because if I promote example from Malaysia, Singapore, or Indonesia, I don't have phone numbers from there.. In Peerfly, this is taken care of because we can make a conversion test inside peerfly.. but if we promote from other aff network, how can we possibly do that? thanks :)