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  1. Lucian SC

    Buying Traffic Hottest Mobile CPA Offers

    BitterStrawberry's Hottest Campaigns this week: Adult PL 3G T-Mobile iD: 163852 (2 click flow @0.65$ PO) Fitness ZA 3G CellC iD: 170267 (2 click flow @1.16$ PO) Hotprime ZA 3G CellC iD: 153031 (2 click flow @1.39$ PO) Adult V1 ZA 3G Vodafone iD: 163917 (1 click flow @1.39$ PO) Games NL 3G...
  2. Mohamed izaar

    Hello there , i'm an affiliate in Mobidea

    I will be glad to discussing with all members strategies and traffic sources for cpa offers Thank you in advance
  3. Maribel Gonzalez

    Direct Advertiser in mobile subscription offers CPA

    Direct Advertiser Offers: Sport, Games, Music Mobile Verticals Geos: Egypt, Qatar, Serbia 1 clic flow, 3G traffic, smartlinks Carriers: Vodafone, Etisalat, Mobinil, Oreedoo 30 net days
  4. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted Calling all Gaming Affiliates

    Hey, MonsterAds are excited to announce that we've increased the selection on our gaming offers available. They all convert on both mobile and desktop, single opt in, come in a variety of geos and are some big well known brands. This is easy money if you run this niche or are thinking of...
  5. Mobidea

    Beginner's Mistakes II - A Danger Foreseen is Still Half Avoided

    After creating the article, “Beginner’s Mistakes – A Danger Foreseen is Half-Avoided”, we felt that we should definitely go back to the subject as soon as possible. That’s why we came up with another list that’s gonna give you even more advanced tips! Ready? Here are 10 things you should...
  6. netabdo

    Need your help to optimise a campaign - first step to get $100 per month

    Hi friends, After solving problem of traffic source, it's time to learn more and new things, never give up :) Was 3 days ago when I launched a campaign with details below: - offer for survey mobile - country :usa -landing page: lp with 2 question - spent : $10 - earned : $1.73 The campaign...
  7. netabdo

    My review about mobicow traffic - Mobile Offers !!

    Hi guys, I create this thread just to give idea about mobicow traffic and avoid you losing time and money like me :) So my story started with facebook ads when I tried some offers of submit but I get banned and mark my domain as spam :( So I decided to try other traffic source, so this time...
  8. Daria_WapEmpire

    Affiliates Wanted UK dating offers on fire!

    Hey fixers! We've got a bunch of hot UK mobile adult dating offers. Sexy landing pages and free sign-ups are waiting for your traffic. Conversion flow: SOI - Сonversion is confirmed and the pixel fires immediately after completion of the Reg Form (second page) Carriers accepted: All carriers...
  9. Maxx

    I'm looking for Ads network with small initial deposit

    Hey guys! I want to start working with mobile offers. I have a limited budget. So I'm looking for an ads network with initial deposit between 25 to 100$. I would appreciate your help.
  10. G

    Hello from Berlin, Germany

    Hi there, My name is Xuan and I'm representing glispa on this forum. I look forward to learning more about your concerns regarding the industry and getting to know you. Do drop me a pm or add me to a thread for any discussions and queries with regards to app download traffic/campaigns!
  11. D

    Announcement Mgcash Media - New update on our mobile locker!

    New update on our mobile locker is here! We have just added more templates to our mobile locker and you can edit the header text too! Log into your Mgcash account and start to monetize your mobile traffic with us :)
  12. Yol

    [Follow along] Launch Mobile Campaign

    Hi guys! I will briefly state my previous humble experiences about CPA. First of all, I am a great fan of Peerfly and earn most of my CPA $ from them. Thanks to Luke for all the support and guide. I used to run dating campaigns from peerfly offers and my traffic source was Plenty of Fish. It...
  13. Nasir Uddin

    What Is the Best Mobile Traffic Sources For a CPA Offer?

    I was just searching the best and high quality traffic sources for my Mobile Offers. Found several sources; but need you guy's review about which one should I pick? Which one provides no Bot traffic? and which one is highly recommended from your own experiences? My Traffic Sources at a glance...