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  1. hasi

    Mobidea Journey

    Hi Afffix community, I decided to try CPA marketing. Start some test campaigns. Network: mobidea, Traffic source: Mobicow(Direct link, UK traffic:-). I spent around $10 for 2 conversions. used mobidea's inbuilt tracker. ROI is wrong because I didn't setup it correctly. Sry for my bad english
  2. abdellahi

    I've just Won the 500$ giveaway sponsored by MOBICOW

    wow what a surprise thanks mobicow and affiliatefix. i'd like to thank everyone who contibute on growing this online friendly community, big thanks to T J Tutor @tyoussef @K and others
  3. David Mali

    Mobicow & AffiliateFix August Winner ($500)

    Thank you affiliatefix and mobicow for the amazing $500 cash prize and i want to thank all the great members and moderators in here azgold T J Tutor
  4. FedericoBianchini

    Gold I just won the $500 Mobicow Prize

    Thanks to AffiliateFix and @mobicow for this Prize This is my happy face I will invest it wisely of course
  5. S

    Mobile pops with pin submits/sweeps - Determined to make this work

    Hi everyone, After a few rough starts and negative roi campaigns, I've decided to post a follow along as I try to get some conversions and hopefully a positive ROI. I'll try to be as specific as possible about my campaign stats and I hope some of the more experienced members here can help me...
  6. S

    Mobciow - Considered PPV?

    Hi everyone, Been lurking for a while and recently launched some campaigns, still very new. I'll keep this post shor. So my question was about Mobicow. Is it considered a PPV traffic source? I'd like to know if it's okay to run offers from my affiliate network that don't allow ppv on Mobicow...
  7. Ashwin Satyanarayana

    Gold I've Just Won $500 from Mobicow + AffiliateFix

    Good things come in unexpected $500 chunks? I recently won $500 off the Mobicow + AffiliateFix contest and I am thrilled about it. The best was that I didn't even know that my follow along thread was entered into the draw. Here's the contest link: Win $500 Every Month! (Sponsored by Mobicow) |...
  8. Tusohian

    Gold I've Just Won The AffiliateFix & Mobicow Presents $500 Giveaway

    I'm working as a SEO & Article Writing specialist on a freelancing website since 2015 but from starting of the year 2016, I’ve started reading the impressive and awesome writings by the talented internet marketer here in AffiliateFix. I really love to read and learn the success stories and...
  9. proflex

    Mobicow coupon needed

    Hello Guys I would like coupon to use it in my first registration at Thanks in advance
  10. Nemesis

    How to run Direct Linking Campaigns on mobicow

    Making a full ebook, will be back up soon.
  11. netabdo

    first step to get $100 per month from Mobile Marketing ??

    Hi friends, After reading and discovering a lot things about affiliate marketing, yesterday I took the action :) So I'd like first to explain why I said $100 per month and not $100 per day or $1000 per day ?? - It's sample because if you dream big from the beginning you will find yourself...
  12. Osama00971

    Can anyone has a success with Mobicow tell me about which countries work well ?

    Hi everyone, Can anyone has a success with Mobicow tell me about which countries work well ? because I tried offer with NL and got no conversions, no clicks. :( thanks,
  13. jannysoft

    MobiCow specific siteID ?

    Hi there guys, I am sorry for the title but I dont know how to ask this question .... So I ran a lot of campaigns in mobicow and I see that I get a lot of clicks from this 2 siteIDs (4605 and 6618) but no conversions. So my question is did someone got any conversions from these siteIDs or...
  14. CAPN

    Adsbridge tracking setup

    Hi everyone, I have been trying to setup Adsbridge with my network for the whole day now and I just can't figure out how to do it right. I thought maybe someone on here can help me out, trying it over and over again for so long is very frustrating lol (please note that I did watch all the...
  15. J

    Gold I've just won the $500 Giveaway sponsored by Mobicow. AffiliateFix

    It gives me immense pleasure to share with you all that i won the $500 giveaway sponsored by Mobicow. A Big thanks to Affiliate Fix and Mobicow for selecting me and i believe it's the best way to motivate people to contribute to the community as well as to their campaigns. This money would...
  16. J

    Hey there! Did you know that Mobile Marketing is Awesome???

    Hi fellow :fix: I'm Julieta and I am currently an Affiliate Advertisier Manager at Mobicow, a new addition to an awesome team :) -------------- More Aout Me I am a people's person, I like to interact and help. When I try to help advertisers run better campaigns, every success for them is like...
  17. Yol

    [Follow along] Launch Mobile Campaign

    Hi guys! I will briefly state my previous humble experiences about CPA. First of all, I am a great fan of Peerfly and earn most of my CPA $ from them. Thanks to Luke for all the support and guide. I used to run dating campaigns from peerfly offers and my traffic source was Plenty of Fish. It...
  18. Sage

    Earnings from MaxBounty

    I won't give up! I'm still trying harder to learn more about earning more online. Here is a little bit of hope for now! Thank you, ~Sage