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Can anyone has a success with Mobicow tell me about which countries work well ?

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by Osama00971, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Osama00971

    Osama00971 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi everyone,

    Can anyone has a success with Mobicow tell me about which countries work well ?

    because I tried offer with NL and got no conversions, no clicks. :(

  2. newbidder
  3. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    I have not worked with Mobicow for a while, but I have some experience when it comes to the sources of traffic. Europe and the USA are some of the key geographical areas that do generate reasonable traffic. be sure to invest heavily on this sources because they generate enough traffic. Feel free to get to me for further details and help where possible.
  4. Dustin Barruela

    Dustin Barruela Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Its true that traffic on those geos generate an ample amount. No question on that. what comes into my mind is if your offers are relevant on those geos? What about your ad? What type are you running? Are they relevant sizes? Are you micro-targeting or macro?

    You need to address those first then probably pick up from there once your parameters are good.
  5. Julieta Gueorguieva

    Julieta Gueorguieva Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Hey Osama00971

    You can add me on skype julieta.mobicow

    I can go over your campaign settings and stats with you.
  6. yesuplizard

    yesuplizard Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I have not work with MobiCow, but our top traffics are from Spain, USA, Mexico, India, UK,....
    Let me know if you are interested.
  7. Alexander Mosca

    Alexander Mosca Affiliate affiliate

    I am using mobicow for North America right now and it isn't working nearly half as good as the other companies I've used, sure the impression count is the same but I have zero clicks on my website comparative to the much larger amount I get with other companies.
  8. Julieta Gueorguieva

    Julieta Gueorguieva Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate


    Hi Alex

    I am sorry to hear that you did not have any results yet.

    How many Offers did you try? Do they load fast? Are they adapted for mobile pop format?

    Mobicow Campaign Settings
    Here are some common issues, and their solution:

    #1. url has too many redirects and loads too slow
    change campaign to one that is less rebrokered.

    #2. not using excludes
    use basic exclude option to filter out some traffic types that are usually not suitable for performance campaigns.

    #3. low bidding
    the highest bid gets the highest quality traffic. Bidding low for a tier1 targeting usually results in scraping off low quality traffic.(ex: US/iOS/iphone 5-6 >>> 2$ == too low)

    #4. not managing traffic subsources
    Even for great campaigns, not all sources work well. If a source has too much volume, is too costly but doe snot work, it should be excluded before it exhausts the campaign funds and perhaps tested with a different type of campaign later.

    #5. small budgets
    1 campaign and 10$ funds are not enough to test a network. That is usually barely enough to figure out how the traffic source works and how to set the campaign. if you have no conversions at all, first look at the traffic subsources, perhaps most of your funds are consumed by 1-2 sources only and you are not even trying the rest of the hundreds of sources that we have.

    #6. not using conversion tracking

    tracking is essential to understand what is going on and why you are getting the results that yo are. If you cannot afford a professional tracker like Voluum you can use postback and use Mobicow as a tracker for free, as we offer the same stats. All you need to do is post back.

    if none of the above applies to your case and yet youre still not getting results, feel free to contact me and ill see how I can help, skype julieta.mobicow
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  9. cpaprofits

    cpaprofits Affiliate affiliate

    Well Said Julieta ..testing takes proper tracking and money .

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