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Platform Name
Traffic Types
  1. PPC
  2. PPV
  3. Media
  4. Display
  5. Mobile
  6. Social
  7. Adult
  8. Native
  9. Other
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Payment Types
  1. Wire
  2. Paypal
  3. Payoneer
  4. Check
  5. CC
  6. Other
EZmob, is a self-serve ad network, that enables media buyers, brands, app developers, and website owners to maximize their presence and reach their online marketing goals. We enable our advertisers to easily launch premium ad campaigns via Popunder, Push, Banner, and Native ad formats across a global publisher base.

We make sure you reach your goals with the best Pop and Push technology, Excellent 100% human traffic, and VIP support for your campaigns in real-time. Join us today and promote affiliate offers, app installs, content arbitrage campaigns, and much more.

EZmob’s self-serve ad platform is perfect if you need volume traffic at competitive rates that can produce real results.

Advertiser Features:
  • CPM, CPC, and CPA pricing models
  • Perfect inventory for Adult, Nutra, mobile content, utilities
  • Promote both desktop and mobile inventory
  • Swift approval for campaigns
  • Test our inventory for only $50 or get $20 Free
  • Launch campaign for min. bids of $0.20 CPM for Pop and Push for $0.005 per Click(!)
  • Optimize with detailed reports and apply micro-bidding and campaign automation.
  • Track conversions and apply optimization rules.
  • Use Predetermined exclusion lists and whitelists
  • 24/7 Excellent client support via chat/skype, email, and ticket center.
Ad Formats:
  • Popunders
  • Push ads (Android, In-Push, Calendar)
  • Banners Ads
  • Native Ads
Check out our advertiser helpdesk, read a few case studies, or dive headfirst into our blog to make sure you check all the boxes when you
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