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  1. Galaksion Ad Network

    Case Study Earn 65,47% ROI on Cryptomania Offer with Galaksion Popunder: Case Study

    Do you think popunders are cheap and ineffective in 2024? Cryptomania offer from Zeydoo and Galaksion traffic prove the opposite, with $2 957 in revenue. Follow this article to take the ready-to-use instruction: a case study to start earning right now and bonuses from Zeydoo and Galaksion at...
  2. Gala

    Case Study: Promoting iGaming Offers in Portugal Yielding $3,221 Profit

    Affiliates frequently maintain secrecy around their advertising strategies. While various tools and tactics for crafting ad creatives are accessible, only the most audacious professionals are willing to disclose their complete strategy. Fortunately, we've stumbled upon one such case study. It...
  3. TrafficHunt Elen


    TrafficHunt − is a global marketing agency and Ad network, which has operated since 2013. Our self-served platform gives a wide range of tools both for advertisers and publishers. TrafficHunt is focused on leads generation and promotion of various products and verticals. We provide HQ traffic...
  4. Franke

    AdStuff - Buy & Sell: Native, Pop, Push and Banner traffic!

    AdStuff is a Next Generation Premium Self-Serve Ad Network and Ad Exchange. If you are looking for an innovative ad network which uses only time-tested technology solutions for ad rotation, with transparent statistics and dedicated support, then you should try AdStuff. Lifetime partnerships and...
  5. Tatyana_ClickAdilla

    Case Study Making 62% ROI with Aliexpress Affiliate Program

    Do you have an entrepreneurial streak to make money in retail? That is easy as pie! Today we would like to share a cool case study from our client. He is successfully running an offer from the Aliexpress affiliate program in ClickAdilla. In this case study, you will learn how to set up a...
  6. EZmob

    Official EZmob

    EZmob submitted a new resource: EZmob - Self-Serve Advertising Network for Media Buyers and Affiliates Read more about this resource...
  7. EZmob


    EZmob, is a self-serve ad network, that enables media buyers, brands, app developers, and website owners to maximize their presence and reach their online marketing goals. We enable our advertisers to easily launch premium ad campaigns via Popunder, Push, Banner, and Native ad formats across a...
  8. Galaksion Ad Network

    Ask Me Anything Have you tried popunder traffic by CPA?

    It is now available for Popup (Popunder) in Galaksion As usual, all the great things are simple, but now they are also profitable. How does it work on the Galaksion platform for advertisers? All CPA campaigns firstly start with a test. When creating a campaign you will be asked to define a...
  9. A

    popunder traffic sources withot bot and convert

    Hey all, i am looking for popunder traffic sources withot bot and convert for mainstream offer I have tried propellerads and popads and popcash They were all containing bots and iframs , which caused me a great loss, the percentage of visits that appeared in the statistics was 50% less...
  10. ClickAdilla

    Ask Me Anything ClickAdilla for Publishers

    Registration for Publishers We’ve been in the business as a publisher for more than 10 years, have more than 40 websites, so we have a crystal-clear understanding of what an effective Ad is. Our experience + your needs = high-demand formats: Inpage — flexible configuration, CTR up to 20%...
  11. Clickadu Denis

    Selling Traffic FR - DE - ZA - SA - Pop traffic Sale

    Hello AffiliateFix Members, Clickadu is here. We're running high on Pop traffic volumes so we decided to add the discount for the following traffic slices: Germany - Android - 8.6Mln weekly - $0.2 CPM France - Android - 7.2Mln weekly - $0.5 CPM Germany - iOS - 2.8Mln weekly - $0.2 CPM France -...
  12. Noviclick

    Noviclick Introduction

    Hey Guys, After months of hard work we can proudly announce the launch of our new traffic source Noviclick. We have merged all the pros and cons of the dozens of traffic sources that we have worked with in recent years to create the perfect solution for ourselves, and hopefully others. * Some...
  13. PropellerAds

    Ask Me Anything [Webinar]: Event Targeting Master Plan for Sports Betting

    Hi everyone, Should you place your marketing bet on event targeting? When you are dealing with sports betting, the answer is a definite “Hell Yeah”. So, if learning to skim the cream off the betting market and to make your ad campaigns convert like fire sounds like something you need… then get...
  14. Clickadu Denis

    Selling Traffic 200-300K of JP traffic daily

    Hello there, Clickadu team is in high demand for partners on JP traffic. We're ready to offer you 200-300K quality impressions daily. Interested or have any questions regarding traffic origin? Feel free to contact us via \ Skype: affiliates_clickadu Or just sign up here.
  15. FindMyDIY

    Are You Using URL Shorteners for Your Offers?

    Do you use a URL shortener service with your CPA offer or affiliate link as a way to make money? These are services that essentially display all types of ads to users, often with a timer, that provides a link or button to the destination page. Search "URL shortener make money" to see what I...
  16. FindMyDIY

    Don't Let Chrome Block Your Ads

    Do you use ad networks that are providing you with "anti-adblock" code to display popup or popunder ads to visitors? Displaying ads using this type of code is risking your website to be flagged as abusive by Chrome. If not now, then probably soon. What you need to do is show these ads in a way...
  17. PopUnderTOTAL

    Selling Traffic New upgrades at PopUnderTotal

    PopUnderTotal is a Premium Pop-under Ad Network. Open RTB/XML integration with Pop traffic We can buy and sell pop traffic using openRTB/XML ⁃ Servers in US (west & east) and Europe (Belgium) ⁃ Up to 1000 QPS / RPS ⁃ Rates in USD Our solutions for advertisers & DSPs We have premium...
  18. FindMyDIY

    Add a Chrome Safe Popunder to Your Site

    This script will open a new popunder window for virtually any outbound link. The destination URL opens in a new window and the original web page redirects to the link specified in the code. **This code does not get blocked by any ad blocker**

    How to Convert Popunder Traffic?

    Hey AffiliateFix Community! Our RedTrack team decided to prepare a most comprehensive walkthrough of Popunder world for you: we investigated the market, interviewed PropellerAds, the leading Popunder Ad Network, and put it all together in this guide. By the end of this guide, you would receive...
  20. PropellerAds

    Selling Traffic Bids Dropped - Buy Traffic from $0.05 CPM

    Got a shiny new offer to test or want to experiment with new targetings? Great! We’ve just cut the minimal CPM bids for Native Push Notifications and Onclick Ads. Now you can buy traffic in our Self-Serve Platform starting from: $0.1 CPM - Push Notifications $0.05 CPM - Onclick (Popunder) Our...