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  1. H

    Need Help for In-page Push ads

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie, I recently ran an in-page push ad on propellerads, the offer was an mvas offer in the game category, and the geo was Philippines. In the first three days of opening, the number of impressions and click-through rates the ad received was very good. However, on the fourth...
  2. Mondiad

    Event Meet with us at Affiliate World Europe 2023!

    Meet with us at Affiliate World Conferences Europe 2023! We're counting down to one of our favourite industry events in the world and we're excited to meet many faces, both old and new. This forum has always been a great community of industry experts so if you happen to be there as well, we'd...
  3. Mor

    Case Study AdMaven: A Case Study on the Power of Push Tag

    Hey AffiliateFix Community! We're thrilled to share a remarkable case study on the effectiveness of Push Tag, an innovative advertising tool that's revolutionizing monetization. By integrating Push Tag into pre-landing pages, you can elevate your push notifications and boost revenue. In this...
  4. T

    Do you know someone who earns well with PushAds? how to start right?

    Hello everyone, I recently started looking for ways to make money with Push Ads, at first I was a little confused but I decided to test a campaign, despite making a profit of $ 10 on the first attempt and investing $ 50, on the second attempt I was at a loss. Can someone who understands the...
  5. K

    Leads quality

    Hello everyone, newbie here 20d in AM world What is the difference between lead quality and KPI, specifically dating and adult offers let say I sent 300 leads to a SOI dating offer that has a KPI of 60% of the traffic must use the app and/or the website 5m daily and my traffic preformed as...
  6. Honeybadger

    Push Ads --> Whats a Good Unsubscribe Rate?

    So I now got 700 push ad subscribers always get unsubscribes each push pushing only blog posts last push got 700 sends 11 clicks (1.5% CTR) 2 unsubscribes (0.3% unsub rate) Hey @T J Tutor cant find the correct forum for push ads looked under traffic sources
  7. EZmob


    EZmob, is a self-serve ad network, that enables media buyers, brands, app developers, and website owners to maximize their presence and reach their online marketing goals. We enable our advertisers to easily launch premium ad campaigns via Popunder, Push, Banner, and Native ad formats across a...
  8. parveenk2013

    Adult CPA journey, switching from banner display to Push ads.

    Hello everyone. I started my affiliate marketing journey this year with adult dating CPA campaigns. I've been running dating ads from January using banners through TrafficFactory, ExoClick, TrafficStars and TrafficJunky. I make banners and run them on top positions in different geos, I have...
  9. Honeybadger

    1st Affiliate Campaign with Push Ads (to be continued)

    Decided to 'bite the bullet' and spend 1 hour per day (after work) running my 1st affiliate marketing campaign with push ad notifications - target is to earn $200 from $100 investment pot I know zero about this system, so this week just learning the ropes before start to test, will be watching...
  10. SuryaJ

    EZmob-New Format Available - Calendar iOS Notification ️

    Have you been hearing about Calendar Push Ads more lately? That's because the demand for Calendar Push Ads is blowing up. If you're not familiar with them, read more about Calendar Push Ads But in short, calendar push ads are ads that are triggered by the user's calendar app after the user...
  11. Dariel

    Push ads question

    Hello to everyone, Is push ads good to bring people to my blog?? I know it's not that expensive but I wanted to be sure before starting.
  12. IrakliC

    Africa, cryptocurrencies, push-notifications: how to earn $1235 in 3 weeks

    Moving from Financial Brazil to Crypto-South Africa. In this case study, the advertiser didn’t miss the opportunity to play on people’s desire to get rich. So, he actually didn’t and earned $1235 in 3 weeks. Read below to learn how. Offer: Bitcoin code (CPA) Period: 26.08-15.09 TS: Kadam...
  13. RichAds


    NEW SWEEPSTAKES WEBINAR FROM RICHADS IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER Don't miss your chance to know more about the vertical, approaches to finding offers, preparing creatives and landing pages from the influencer of the sphere. RichAds expert will show you how to set up and optimize the campaign...
  14. harnur

    How to find profitable campaigns on SPY TOOLs?

    Hello, I have been making consistent $4000-$5000/month using push traffic, but all my earning comes from just 1 offer and the worst thing is that's it's an exclusive offer than is listed on only 1 affiliate network. So, i want to diversify my income. I have 9-10 months of experience with push...
  15. SuryaJ

    Official Ezmob: Launch Floating Push Ads!

    Hello Members, Have you ever tried Floating Push? EZmob now have it! Go ahead and try Floating Push starting only from $0.003 CPC! What is a Floating - push ad: "Floating push Ads look similar to push notifications or native ads. They integrate into the users' experience while they browse...
  16. harnur

    Which is the Best way to promote DATING Offers?

    for the last 1 month, i have been trying to promote dating offers via push/pop-under ads. I tried 20-30 campaigns. In some cases, i was able to break-even in most cases i got -50/60% loss. I tried to optimize my campaign but got nothing positive. The worst thing about these ad types is that...
  17. C

    Buying Traffic What is the best push ads network with low deposit for advertisers

    Hello comrades please help me to know the best push ads net work with low deposit to run my ads because most of them stars at 100 USD So if you know any with low deposit budget but with good results please tell me thanks guys
  18. B

    Push Ads DSP

    Are there any push ads DPS's that you would recommend?
  19. TacoLoco

    Official TacoLoco - An advertising network from LosPollos. Extra large servings of high quality traffic!

    Hi everyone! After very successful private testing, we are now publically launching our new ad network with exclusive traffic: TacoLoco. Push subscriptions are ready, with new ad formats launching in the coming weeks. What's on the menu: in house resources with the highest quality traffic...
  20. TacoLoco

    Hi from TacoLoco

    Hi everyone! I'm glad to introduce TacoLoco - An advertising network from LosPollos. Extra large servings of high quality traffic! Don't hesitate to write me if you have any questions. :)