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    ezmob campaign dont work

    Hello guys, couple hours ago I launched push ad campaign on ezmob and she doesn't spent single penny. didn't even get any view, what can be wrong? anyone has some idea? I was contacting support to set optimal bid, and they recommended 0.006$ but now they are not responding
  2. M

    Network Wanted EzMob

    Hello, Is anyone working with EzMob advertising network and can share their experience with them? Thanks in advance
  3. EZmob


    EZmob, is a self-serve ad network, that enables media buyers, brands, app developers, and website owners to maximize their presence and reach their online marketing goals. We enable our advertisers to easily launch premium ad campaigns via Popunder, Push, Banner, and Native ad formats across a...
  4. EZmob

    [Official] EZmob Ad Network

    Hello AffiliateFix members, My name is Idan and I'm with, a self-serve advertising network for media buyers and affiliate markets. EZmob was founded in 2013 and since then has been focused on getting well-converting traffic to our advertising clients. Our managers have seen thousands...
  5. X

    follow alone with ezmob

    offer:peerfly flash player tracking tool:bemob traffic source:ezmob Created a campaign yesterday and got these data on ezmob dashboard i'm confused why the CTR 102.9% and why 4 clicks cost me $13.17 with pop traffic? the AM said impressions=clicks for pop traffic,but why the first sub id...