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  1. Mobidea
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    Mobidea is an award-winning mobile affiliate network specialized in mobile offers for affiliate marketers.


    Driven by technology and education, Mobidea knows +130k affiliates and what drives them to succeed.
    • Mobidea FREE INTEGRATED TRACKER offers powerful analytical capabilities that help you deep dive and easily optimize your media buying campaigns.

    • Don’t waste money testing campaigns, advertise only top campaigns tested with millions of daily visits! If you have no time to be on top of each offer, let our Smartlink auto-optimize your traffic.

    • We go beyond support: Mobidea’s Multicultural Support Squad is able to speak many different languages and is available 7 days a week with the fastest response time in the industry.

    • We know how crucial cash flow is for affiliates. Mobidea allows you to get paid fast!

    • The Mobidea Academy is an educational platform where affiliate marketers can get the best advice, tips and updated guides about how to start and improve their affiliate marketing experience.
    We run more than 2.000 campaigns on multiple verticals such as Mobile Content, Cryptocurrency, Pin Submits, Sweeps, Coupons & Vouchers, Dating, Games, Music and Videos.

    What are you waiting for?

    SIGN UP right now and get on the path to your financial freedom!
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  1. The New Mobidea with integrated Tracker!

Recent Reviews

  1. Jabra
    i'm surprised by all of these negative reviews,
    i have my own experience with this wonderful network and i can say it is a great network and have an awesome team behind who will always giving support for you... and it is really friendly for newbie and also great choose for experience..!
  2. vertigox
    They banned me without any reason and denied me paying my 2k$ . I tried to contact with them again and again, but only got "low quality traffic" answer. They can ban you to avoid payment
    1. Mobidea
      Author's Response
      Hi @vertigox
      Thank you for your review.

      At Mobidea we aim at delivering the best quality traffic to our partners. Therefore each campaign has a list of restrictions, which we ask you to follow.

      It's affiliate's own responsibility to make sure to check the restrictions and promote our offers the most legit way possible.

      In case you are not sure if we allow the method you are planning to use - feel free to chat with our Support Crew. They are available 7 days a week, and are always happy to solve any issue you might have.

      Therefore, my friend, you were probably banned for breaking our rules. Unfortunately, you won't be able to access your account anymore.

      Good luck!
  3. Daniel Licht
    Daniel Licht
    Wow guys! I ve never seen such a detailed stats! I am registered to several networks, and honestly Mobidea has the BEST interface. This feature of creating paths really saved shit loads of money for me :D hehe

    btw hi to my AM Sara! You rock!
  4. ahmedbre
    hello every one i write here to every one to go away from this bad network and don't work with them i have work with them for 2 week till now and i get more than the minimum payment and don't get my payment from them you ask my about my Identification card and i give my passport to them and they say that it's take a bout 2 business days to approval it and i have upload it from Sunday and till Friday they didn't approval it and every day i ask there and till me to wait and don't say when because the want to know what is strategies that i used and ways to get my traffic i told them some of it like facebook ads and adward and bing ads also send to them screenshot from every account but also i have my secret ways they also want to know it i say to them check my quality if bad don't give me any payment ( because i'm sure from it's excellent ) but they also need to know all my secret ways and all my ways ans don't give me my payment and say to me go without your payment so now one work with this network you won't get your payment . i can send to any one a proof from every word i say just tell me
    1. Mobidea
      Author's Response
      Dear Ahmet, our support team has never stated that there is no chance for you to receive your payment. In fact, you can receive it, after providing a relevant proof of where your traffic comes from. Here at Mobidea we value a lot the quality of traffic that affiliates provide to the advertisers. Therefore, we have requested information from your traffic source or your tracker, that would match the statistics in Mobidea.
      At the moment the screenshot you have provided don't match.
      There is no need to send us your secret promotion ways, just provide the statistics from your side that matches what we see on ours.

      Taking into account that we are a newbie-friendly network, and work with any type of affiliates, this is a normal practice and a policy of the company, to require cooperation from your side. It's important for us to work together, so I hope you understand it, and contact our support team, which is working really hard to solve your issue.
  5. backoffers
    I am disappointed because mobidea doesn't support paypal payment gateway
    1. Mobidea
      Author's Response

      Mobidea does make sure affiliates have an array of different payment methods they can select to get their earnings!

      PayPal is currently unavailable but will be coming back real soon!

  6. silver eagle
    silver eagle
    We have sent only Argentina traffic but, MOBIDEA reported as USA traffic where as my traffic platform and tracker Thrive reported as traffic from Argentina.

    1) Can you explain on why Mobidea reports traffic coming from one country is considered as another country (810 visitors from USA while we have only 3 visitors from USA)?
    And how this is not fixed by Mobidea and how Mobidea is considered as reliable in statistics and conversion reports?

    2) How can 4G traffic is reported as WiFi traffic in Mobidea while you guys say WiFi doesn't convert and payout is very less?

    I have Skype proof (from my Boss) that your support guy/gal "Marianna" said traffic not coming from selected IP range is reported as another country traffic. And also mentioned that 4G traffic is considered as WiFi traffic as your platform can't recognize 4G traffic.

    So, can you explain on why is this happening and how are you going to address the above said 2 major concerns ?
    1. Mobidea
      Author's Response
      Hello Silver Eagle,

      On Mobidea, we’re always ready to help our affiliates reach the top. We’re focused on you and want you to become as profitable as possible.

      Let’s answer your questions taking the printscreens you sent to us with the numbers of the adnetwork you’re buying traffic from and your tracking platform into account. What I can tell you is that we guarantee we don't have any detection problem. Considering July 18, you’ve registered the majority of your clicks on Argentina. If you access Mobidea you can see that - on that day - you have two different Smartlinks, meaning two different links probably used in two different campaigns.

      However, you’ve only been able to show us the details for one campaign. The reports for one Smartlink are correct – it’s the one associated with your traffic, where we’ve correctly detected the countries/operators, where you have only Argentina Personal. The other one is associated with another campaign you’ve created that doesn't match the countries you’re referring to. Where are you using the second Smartlink? To which campaign is it associated? Could you please send us that screenshot?

      Moreover, it’s important that you understand you can’t compare clicks to visits. Why? Because Mobidea counts only unique visits to the offer - clicks are associated with banners.

      In addition, you should know that optimizing a Media Buying campaign when you have so many different targets inside it is quite difficult. You should create one campaign per segment. Putting Argentina, Portugal and United Arab Emirates in the same campaigns will ruin it because the price/bid for each country and operator is different. I suggest you read the Mobidea Academy. There, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the art of Media Buying and Affiliate Marketing.

      Let’s make this happen :)

      Please contact us via chat, Skype or email so we can help you with offer's promotion.

      Skype: support.mobidea

      Email: [email protected]

      The Mobidea Crew
  7. francis1990
    I am very happy to work with Mobidea and the special thing is the very good support from Karina Bielawska
  8. (deleted member)
    Already learnt a lot from you guys on this forum thank you for the great content PLEASE keep it coming no one gives this out for free anymore so thank you
  9. Ganoaffiliate
    terrible i tried to promote different offers and the aff link did not match with the offer
    1. Mobidea
      Author's Response
      Hi Ganoaffiliate,

      Each offer we have in Mobidea has some specific target characteristics which should be applied in order to run that specific offer. For example, if you select an offer that is only available for a specific country and/or operator and/or operating system, and you promote it in a different target, our system drives your traffic to the best offers for the segment your chose. In that case, the offers you are promoting in rotation are not the same as the one you selected. We have this feature implemented so the affiliates don't lose the traffic: if the target is not the same, the traffic goes to a smart link which includes the best offers for that segment in rotation.

      I hope we can work again together. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any question, we’ll be glad to help you.