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  1. WeweMedia

    65 campaigns under 20 mins? It's POSSIBLE with TheOptimizer! Listen now!

    LISTEN HERE Hey everyone! Wewe Media is happy to be back with another great podcast! Are your affiliate marketing campaigns keeping you up late at night? If the repetitive tasks of pausing ads, changing landing pages, optimising bids etc... sounds familiar, this episode is for you! Today...
  2. micoangelo

    Campaign Optimization Best Practice for Push Traffic?

    Hi I'm trying to figure out the best practices for push notifications... With push (and other traffic sources probably), do you keep making new campaigns every time you want to optimize something in an existing campaign (e.g. placements, device type, times, etc.) or do you just adjust in the...
  3. Lilian


    HOW TO OPTIMIZE a) The most important thing is to ensure that traffic you are buying is not junk traffic b) Then we have to look at the different components of the campaign and begin to drop all the dead weight (Unnecessary and unprofitable components) c) Look at the landers, and...
  4. clickBakers

    Meet clickBakers at the London Affiliate Conference!

    Hi London! If you are going to the LAC and FPE in London 9-12 February make sure you will stop by clickBakers booth A5! Don`t miss the great opportunity to discover more about our affiliate tracking software for all performance marketers and get more information how to optimize your online...
  5. Susan

    Event Meet clickBakers team at AWAsia in Bangkok and win a price!

    Hi All! Our clickBakers team will be exhibiting at Affiliate World Asia on 5-6 December in Bangkok and on this occasion we`d like to invite you to visit our booth A15 to discuss about our traffic management platform. Feel free to book a face-to-face meeting with one of our product managers who...
  6. Susan

    Halloween promotion from clickBakers tracker!

    Are you ready stand out of line? Take candy from clickBakers and get your 2 months FREE as a special Halloween discount! Sip your favorite drink, sit in your favorite chair and make tracking software clean out all your traffic and increase your conversation rate! It`s so scary good, take your...
  7. R

    New to Mobile - Question about optimizing/cutting placements

    Hey guys, I am relatively new to mobile and I have a quick question. Many mobile ad networks allow targeting by country, site category, and device OS (iPhone, Android). When looking in my tracker, for example, what if a specific mobile carrier or phone model is not converting AT ALL? What do...
  8. Yassine Ifis

    How to optimize a campaign that only generated 1 lead?

    Hi guys, Last Saturday 10 October, I created 5 campaigns targeting one country, one operating system, one gender, one app/site audience. All what was different is the carrier, I targeted 5 carriers for each campaign. I set under each campaign 5 banners (the same angle but with different...
  9. N

    LP optimizing/scaling

    Hi Everyone! I wanted to ask a question about optimizing and scaling... So I launch a campaign, I create 2-3 Landing Pages with different design for one vertical, So based on CTR, I choose winner(highest CTR%) performing Landing page, and then I test on that Landing Page, different elements (...
  10. JakeMA

    Maximising Your Landing Page to Gain a Wider Target Audience

    Maximising Your Landing Page to Gain a Wider Target Audience Glad to be apart of the dojo and wanted to share my first blog post with you all. The concept is originally for dating offers but can be used for any vertical. A landing page, more commonly referred to as an “LP” is the page...