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Maximising Your Landing Page to Gain a Wider Target Audience


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Maximising Your Landing Page to Gain a Wider Target Audience

Glad to be apart of the dojo and wanted to share my first blog post with you all. The concept is originally for dating offers but can be used for any vertical.

A landing page, more commonly referred to as an “LP” is the page publishers use before the consumer gets to the end offer. You would have your own domain and hosting, and the flow would go from clicking the banner; redirecting to the LP; then redirecting to the offer. It’s typically used to engage the user and filter out the users that have no interest in signing up so you can improve your EPC.

The majority of dating LPs ask questions like: “Are you older than a particular age, will you keep other members identity a secret, will you use protection if you were to meet up with a member etc.”

I’ve seen many versions of Landing Pages for dating traffic it makes you wonder what is truly the best one. The frustrating thing can be trial and error to see what works best with your traffic source. You’ll need to constantly change it to see what will give you the best CTR (click through rate), but the lander will only do so much as its the end campaign that needs to convert.

If you have a poorly converting campaign then changing banners, landing pages to promote campaigns that nobody wants is time consuming and not worth the work.

A great idea I’ve seen that works very well is quite simply a review site. Ive also used this method myself and how I got my first pay cheque in the affiliate world. You can have the landing page as a dating review site and list between 3 to 10 campaigns at once rather than just the one campaign. If you find out from your AM what are the best converting campaigns in the network you can then list them in order. This is a great way to maximize your traffic as you can include various niche sites like “MILF” or “Asian” rather than just “casual hookup” sites. The user than has more ‘choice’ rather than seeing the one offer that may not interest them. Most effective review sites have a screenshot of the campaign and then the publishers opinion on the site rather than a corporate approach. Just basically “I’ve joined this site and hooked up with loads of hot women” approach. Everyone loves a success story right?

Not only does it give you a wider target audience, but also the quality on the advertiser side is much better. This means the consumers are more inclined to purchase into the subscription in hopes they will also have success and gain more trust in the offers as other men like themselves have signed up.

Over time all you need to do is change the rank of the offers that gives you the best EPC and then also think about switching to PPS if the advertiser likes the quality.

If you would like to know more about this approach or see some examples please reach out to my skype: Jake.MonsterAds and i'll be happy to help out.
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