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  1. iamb

    [Journey] Start and Grow a Content Site From $0 to $$,$$$ in 12 Months or Less

    I have been intrigued lately by few examples of bloggers/affiliate marketers successfully launching informational niche sites and grow them to the tune of 5-6 figures a month. This made me wonder if their process/approach could be replicated by any content marketer and hopefully generate the...
  2. R


    Hi, my name is Rab and I am keen on making affiliate marketing a success for me to generate a passive income. I have signed up for Wealthy Affiliate a couple months back and I kind of got to know how affiliate marketing works as I am just starting out and I am still a student. I am now currently...
  3. azgold

    Small Niche Sites

    Hi, Matej: I know you used to have a network of small niche sites for passive income. Is that something you'd recommend now, especially after all of Google's algo changes? Also, for monetizing, would promoting a ClickBank product (or similar idea) be a better idea than AdSense? Thanks!
  4. T J Tutor

    When SEO Was Hot and Easy

    "When SEO Was Hot & Easy" is a statement you made regarding earning from the net in your earlier years. Is there still a place for SEO in your current business model? If so, do you find it only useful for your niche sites?
  5. T J Tutor

    Running Your Own Sites

    I noticed in your "About" page that you have some niche sites for passive income. For these types of sites, do you prefer to go advertiser direct to fill your ad space or do you prefer to use offers from the networks? And do you find that the advertisers are more open to direct relationships...
  6. Bruno Ocampo

    Newbie Digital Nomad - Working on my Niche Site

    Hey there guys! I'm Bruno from Brazil and I'm currently working on my first niche site. I created the site 4 months ago after reading Pat Flynn's blog and also a guide on TechTage. This is my income report so far: OCTOBER - $5 NOVEMBER - $28 DECEMBER - $17 JANUARY - $40 It's not a lot of...
  7. smartaffiliate

    [Newbie] Starting a niche site on Self-esteem/Self-confidence

    This would be my first website online and I am planning to earn through affiliate income. Quite a competitive space this one would be. My plan is to collect lots of email subscribers through my blog and have them go through some sort of series or an email course. And the end of the funnel there...
  8. J

    Niche Website From Start To Finish

    Has anyone made a thread about starting a niche website from start to finish? I am thinking about doing this and being completely open about what my niche is and the keywords i'll be targeting. I'll probably make a few mistakes along the way, but I want to know what you all think? What...
  9. JakeMA

    Maximising Your Landing Page to Gain a Wider Target Audience

    Maximising Your Landing Page to Gain a Wider Target Audience Glad to be apart of the dojo and wanted to share my first blog post with you all. The concept is originally for dating offers but can be used for any vertical. A landing page, more commonly referred to as an “LP” is the page...
  10. Sunny91

    Niche Site in Vs

    Hi, I'm in Canada and confused about targeting and searches. I can only see so should i be researching local searches and building a niche site with a .ca domain?? How can i target the US? -webmasters -set site to target US? -Research using local searches for US -Buy a .com domain...