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Niche Website From Start To Finish

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by JayZ, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. JayZ

    JayZ Guest

    Has anyone made a thread about starting a niche website from start to finish?

    I am thinking about doing this and being completely open about what my niche is and the keywords i'll be targeting.

    I'll probably make a few mistakes along the way, but I want to know what you all think?


    What niche will I be targeting?

    Pub Sheds

    What market will I targeting?

    The UK Market

    What domain will I be using?


    What hosting will I be using?

    I will be using my own hosting package as I can host unlimited domains.

    What platform will the website be running on?

    I will be running the website on Wordpress which I will install using the 1 click installs option.

    What wordpress theme will I be using?

    I will be using the Generatepress theme.

    What wordpress plug ins will I be using?

    Akismet - Protects the blog from Spam

    Sumome - Great for list building

    Smart Slider 3 - Fantastic for a slider or a static image on the home page

    Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd - A coming soon plug in if I want to "launch" the site

    Yoast SEO - SEO obviously

    Contact Form 7 - A Contact Form For The Contact Page

    Better WordPress reCAPTCHA - "Select all the images with mountains"

    Official MailerLite Sign Up Forms - Sign Up To The Mailing List Form

    Generate Simple PHP - This allows me to add some custom PHP to generate the sections on the main page

    Custom CSS - This allows me to add custom CSS

    Who are my competition?

    pubsheds dot com
    readersheds dot co dot uk
    what shed dot co dot uk
    pubsheds dot co - domain has expired

    Other keywords that could be relevant

    bar sheds
    shed bar
    pub sheds
    pub shed
    garden bar shed
    home bar
    man cave

    Email List

    I'll be capturing email addresses straight away and using sumome list builder and mailerlite

    Number Of Mailing List Subscribers


    Stock Images

    Free stock photos · Pexels
    Unsplash | Free High Resolution Photos
    Free Images - Pixabay

    The Plan So Far

    Make a basic website.

    1. Front Page
    2. Contact Page
    3. About Page
    4. Blog/News Page (Not sure what would seem more appropriate for a pub shed website)
    5. Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy
    Where will I get the traffic from?

    Here is where I will be planning to get my traffic from

    Paid Traffic

    Bing Ads

    Organic Traffic

    Social Media

    Facebook - Pub Shed - Likes: 154
    Twitter - Pub Shed (@pub_shed) | Twitter - Followers: 266
    Tumblr - Pub Shed
    Pinterest - Pub Shed on Pinterest - Followers: 857
    Instagram - Pub Shed (@pub_shed) • Instagram photos and videos - Followers: 232
    Skype - pub_shed

    Other Shed Websites


    Site Structure


    How to generate electricity for your pub shed
    Landscaping or blueprints or unique set ups?
    Or things like preparing the ground for putting in a pub shed.


    DIY vs Paying a local tradesman

    DIY Pro's

    Free (only spending time)
    You love the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

    DIY Cons

    Time Consuming
    If you are not into manual labour it can be hard to get it up (lol!!!!)

    Local Tradesman Pro's

    Can be done very quickly, usually the same day.

    Easy to construct/erect because someone else is doing the work.

    No messing about.

    Local Tradesman Con's

    Can be costly
    Chance of being fleeced.

    Maybe have a page listing local tradesman in the area
    What sort of tradesman would be able to put up sheds?

    Maybe we can have a section called "Is it possible"

    * Is it possible to get water to the shed?
    * Is it possible to get electricity to the shed?
    * Is it possible to get both without electricuting yourself?


    What would you like to see on PubShed?

    Your Pub Shed Name

    - Coming up with a name
    - Traditional names
    - Name meaning
    (ie Fox & Foreigner)


    How to keep your pub shed in tip top condition
    Housekeeping or Shedkeeping if you will
    How to maintain a wooden shed - (If you have a wooden shed do you have to add a varnish or a sealant?)
    How to maintain a metal shed
    How to maintain a plastic shed
    Painting your shed



    Big Lights
    What kind of lights are there and what type of lighting is the best?
    Overhead lights
    Fairy lights
    Lava lamps
    Bar Neon Lights
    Outside Light
    Outside Security Light
    Solar powered garden lights


    How to wall mount a TV in your shed

    Fruit Machines
    Quiz Machines
    Pinball Machine
    Arcade Machines
    Raspberry Pi?

    Music / systems
    - Record Player
    - Vintage ones
    - Decks
    - Ipad/Mobile Phone
    - Speakers
    - Best Speakers
    - Surround Sound Setup - (How To?) (Best One)
    - Jukeboxes


    Internet Cable Points


    Bar Design
    Putting in a bar
    Constructing bar
    Bar Stools - What type of bar stools are there? What
    Bar Towels
    Beer Mats
    Drip Trays
    Bar Lighting
    Taps & Pumps
    Care of the bar (no idea - do you wax it?)

    Cleaning the bar

    Can you get a dishwashing in your pubshed?

    Glassware -

    Beer Glasses
    Wine Glasses
    Cocktail Glasses
    Shot Glasses
    Tall Glasses

    Proper storing of the beer/whatever

    Check brewerys (Big ones and small ones) ask if they will give you some beer mats/towels/merchandise for free.
    You don't know unless you ask! If you don't ask you don't get.
    Check ebay or ask local pubs!


    Maybe mention where to buy a box of cheap crisps.

    - makros
    - amazon

    Pork Scratchings
    Scampi Fries
    Bacon Fries



    Local Brewerys
    Micro Brewerys
    Normal Brewerys

    Beer - What beer will you server in your pub shed?

    Will you serve just beer or will you serve other drinks?

    Liquers? Are Liquers the same as spirits?

    What types of ale are there?
    • Pale Ale?
    • Dark Ale?
    Fizzy Pops

    What types of Lager Are There?


    Strong/High Alcohol %

    Normal (Normal Alcohol % (About 4%))

    Low (Low Alcohol)

    Alcohol Free Lager


    Homebrew - How to?

    Home Brewing
    Beer recipes?

    Kettle - review best kettle?


    Dart Boards
    Card Games



    - Where to get a sofa for the shed
    - Will it go through the door
    - Flatpack may be the answer?
    - Look for flatpack affiliates?



    What type of flooring is the best?

    • Lino?
    • Carpet?
    • Wooden Flooring

    Do you have to level the floor?
    Do you have to put cement/concrete down first?
    Do you need something on top of that? Like an underlay?
    Do you need to think about cables? - Electric
    What about pipes for water?
    Waste pipes?
    Network cables for internet?
    Heating (Under Floor Heating)
    Can you get that in a shed?

    Maybe list local carpet fitters?


    Do you need to add anything to the walls to make the shed better? Fake Wall?

    • Save on heating/Stop it escaping?
    • Light Switches/Electrical Sockets
    • Wall Mounting A TV?


    Does your shed have windows?

    Open Windows?
    A picture you stick over the windows from inside?
    Glass or Plastic?


    Indoor Heaters
    Fans if too hot
    Air conditioning units
    Central Heating?

    Interior Design

    Team pennants/wall hangings/pictures


    Pub Signs

    Affiliate Offer
    Custom Signs
    Metal Signs
    Plastic Signs

    Smoking Area

    It's a dirty habit, but a lot of us still do it, so why not prepare an area outside of the pub shed for smokers?

    Outside Toilet

    Is there an outside toilet you can use?
    She wee?
    Throw away toilets?

    Outside Heaters

    When you are outside in the winter, it can get quite nippy so why not get an outside heater so you can smoke in the warm?

    Gas heaters?
    Are there any other types of outside heaters?

    Would heaters set fire to the decking?

    Outside Flooring

    Patio Flooring

    Outside Furniture.

    Pub Benches
    Table & Chairs
    Pub umbrellas/garden umbrellas

    Outdoor Games

    Giant Games:
    - Giant Jenga
    - Giant Connect 4
    - Giant Snakes & Ladders

    Also known as "garden games"

    Outdoor Cooking/Food


    BBQ? - Recipes
    - Tips
    - BBQ Section

    bbq.pubshed.co.uk ?

    Which BBQ is best?

    Affiliate BBQ?


    Which brand?

    Maybe partner with a BBQ website?


    Roof Maintenence
    Can you put solar Panels on a shed roof?

    Outside seating areas

    Hot tubs

    Real ones


    Doors/security locks
    What kind of locks are the best?
    Where to get them from?

    Theme Nights

    "St Patricks Day" Night
    "St Davids Day" Night
    "St Georges Day" Night
    New Years Eve Night
    Valentines Night
    Easter Night
    Halloween Night
    Christmas Night
    Karaoke Night - (Karaoke Machines)
    Quiz Night
    Bingo Night

    Blog - Article Ideas That Don't Fit Into Any Page

    Interviews with people in one of the related industries?
    Something from the social aspect of buddies getting together in a pub shed
    Drinks for visiting teetotallers?
    How to handle drunken disputes
    Hangover cures
    How to stay sober longer
    How to set up a sound system from your iphone/ipad

    How to set up a bed in the pub shed.

    when the wife kicks you out
    when your mate has had one too many
    Sofa bed with storage beneath maybe for linens

    Featured Pub Shed/Pub Shed Of The Month

    How much have I paid out so far?

    £40 for .co.uk domain for 10 years
    £0 for hosting as I have already paid for it
    £4 for Terms & Privacy Policy From Fiverr
    £4 for Website Logo from Fiverr

    Total Outgoings: £48

    How much have I made so far?


    Google.co.uk Rankings

    (Broad Match)

    Pub Shed - #21
    Choosing A Shed - #21

    (Exact Match)

    Pub Shed - #14
    Choosing A Shed - #3
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  3. supbro444

    supbro444 Affiliate affiliate

    Sounds cool! I am currently sharing my first story, but don't want to be open about everything at this time.
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  4. JayZ

    JayZ Guest

    Yeah I saw.

    I was thinking about aiming for a micro niche so low traffic for main keyword but hopefully easy to rank for.

    Then just go for long tail keywords to bring up the traffic.

    Not sure how many extra keywords i would need if my main keyword has only 600 searches a month?
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  5. supbro444

    supbro444 Affiliate affiliate

    It probably really depends on the niche, pricing, and a lot of more variables. Theoretically everything should be able to scale, if you start from cheap/long-tail keywords and make revenue right? What kind of niche are you currently thinking about?
  6. JayZ

    JayZ Guest

    the niche is pub sheds

    i just registered the domain pubshed.co.uk
  7. supbro444

    supbro444 Affiliate affiliate

    What's you idea about monetization? Ads? eBook?
  8. JayZ

    JayZ Guest

    wayfair.co.uk advertises sheds and they have an affiliate scheme so that's an idea

    a "how to turn your shed into a pub" ebook is another idea

    Also another idea is google adsense.
  9. JayZ

    JayZ Guest

    I have set up hosting and installed wordpress.
  10. JayZ

    JayZ Guest

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  11. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator Dojo Master affiliate


    Sounds like you have things well organized.

    Your hosting is VPS or dedicated?
  12. JayZ

    JayZ Guest

    I don't have a VPS or a dedi, I have shared hosting but can host unlimited domains.

    I'm not sure to have a launch or just leave it live "as i'm building it"

    I am also thinking about getting a logo done on fiverr. I normally use a logo designer called "zara walker" but would like to know if anyone else uses anyone they recommend?
  13. JayZ

    JayZ Guest

    Ideas for articles and more money/affiliate opportunities

    How to generate electricity for your pub shed
    Solar Panels?
    Custom Pub Signs
    How to wall mount a TV in your shed
    Outside seating areas
    Bar Stools
    Bar Towel
    Drip Trays
    Beer Mats
    Fruit Machines
    Dart Boards
    Card Games
    Home Brewing
  14. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator Dojo Master affiliate

    Lighting (fixtures)
    Furniture (+flooring?)
    Doors/security locks
    Beer recipes?
    Interviews with people in one of the related industries?
    Landscaping or blueprints or unique set ups? Or things like preparing the ground for putting in a pub shed.
    Something from the social aspect of buddies getting together in a pub shed
    Drinks for visiting teetotallers?
    Music / systems
    Care of the bar (no idea - do you wax it?)
    Proper storing of the beer/whatever
    How to handle drunken disputes :)
    Game night?
    Team pennants/wall hangings/pictures

    There's probably more but it's very early in the morning and I haven't had coffee yet.

    I've never heard the word 'pub shed' in my life, so assume it's a UK thing. I'm also going out a limb and hazarding a guess that you don't need a license to have one in your backyard. If you do, or need a particular zoning, that could also be a topic.

    You have a ton of material you could write about. I think you could develop a loyal readership. If there are only 600 people searching this topic, you may get them all. :)
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  15. JayZ

    JayZ Guest

    Brilliant! Thanks for those suggestions!

    I'll add them to my first post and I'll try and keep that updated.

    You're right, you don't need a license as long as you're not selling the alcohol.

    It's basically someone's shed which they turn into a pub.

    I suppose the equivalent for you Americans would be "Man Cave"
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 16, 2016
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  16. JayZ

    JayZ Guest

    I've written a basic "about" page

    I'd apprieciate it if a few people on here could read the blurb i've put on the about page to see if it makes sense or how I could improve it?
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 17, 2016
  17. JayZ

    JayZ Guest

  18. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator Dojo Master affiliate

    I'm Canadian but we have them here, too. They are usually in a basement or garage and smell bad. :)
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  19. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator Dojo Master affiliate


    Is your pub shed homepage copy pub shed finished? Kinda pub shed k/w stuffed there, my pub shed friend. :D

    Your About page - you've repeated yourself here, would change one of the sentences:
    Our goal is to bring you the latest information and be a library of knowledge to make your shed the best it can be. We’ll let you know about everything from the best roofing to the best flooring. Everything to make your PubShed be the best it can be.

    Great job of email capturing opportunities!

    I almost feel like there should be a forum for your site. Maybe because it's guys talking about guy stuff. :)

    Great job so far, John!
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  20. JayZ

    JayZ Guest

    Nothings finished AZ!

    I want people to look at my site and give me some feedback on the copy!

    I'll modify the about page and the home page so it's not kw overboard.

    I just want to get some content on the site, then modify it after.