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    What are the most profitable niches for 2022?

    I have seen many affiliates ask for the most profitable niches for 2022, so decided to post a thread about it: Based on the 2022 trend, these two are among the most profitable niches: Health, Fitness, and Self-Care Online fitness classes have grown in popularity during the pandemic, with...
  2. Honeybadger

    Guide 1: How to Choose an Affiliate Niche?

    An often-asked question on this forum is "Which affiliate niche should I promote?" I find this extremely easy as a publisher getting organic traffic from Google to determine and here's my process for choosing an affiliate niche, so I suggest that you understand internet publishing and SEO before...
  3. Clay_P

    Which niche would be the most profitable in 2022?

    Hello, Any new affiliate marketer would find it hard to select a niche when there are so many choices. The competition is also getting very high. According to you, which niche would be most profitable in 2022 (looking at current competition and trends in the market)? You can write more than...
  4. Honeybadger

    Google Rising Research Categories

    Many users ask how to find a profitable niche? Well here you go --> Laboratory Chemicals Craft Molds +300% Sleds +300% Vehicle Performance Additives +300% Bidet Faucets & Sprayers +200% De-icers +200% Snow Shovels +200% Neck Gaiters +200%...
  5. Bruno Semedo

    Niche and Promotion

    When starting as an affiliate the best thing one should do is it to pick niches related to each other or try different ones and see which works better? What are your advices?
  6. Mohiuzzaman

    Which Affiliate Programs that pays for Trial and Signups?

    In any niche. Which Affiliate Programs that pays for Trial and Signups?
  7. Tomsavvy

    Decided that affiliate marketing is for me

    Hello,I'm Tom I'm currently in researching phase of affiliate marketing and deciding on a niche/silo to make my entrepreneurial vision become a reality. Any advice, guidance and mentoring will be greatly appreciated as I merge into this stage of my life. It would also be great to meet to...
  8. Ludovic Vuillier

    Affiliates Wanted The Good Life Manifesto

    Every single person you meet is on a quest to live their best life possible. The problem is that most people don't know where to start. This means that every single person is a potential client for you to be making money as an affiliate with us! Not everyone has the same path to happiness...
  9. WP-Script

    Announcement Official launch of custom niches by WP-Script !

    Hey guys ! Let me introduce the brand-new option from WP-Script that allows you to turn your adult site into a stunning niche tube for FREE ! Get a professional looking tube in few clicks and increase your conversion rate by creating a niche site that suits your affiliate banners ads ...
  10. A

    For Newbie --> Niche , Affiliate Network, Traffic Source

    I have 15+ years of IT Networking experience , but zero in affiliate marketing/web design etc. I am 42 years old and I am from India. I have left my job and now want to make full time affiliate marketing. Target is to make 5000 $ / month in next 6 months. I am ready to put 6 hours per day for...
  11. lafftar

    30 Day SEO Journey

    I've had some experience with SEO, but it was mostly churn and burn. Back in 2014, I made a churn and burn campaign to a BH Campaign ( tracker) with Google Docs as my money page. I was ranked 1st for a keyword with 22,000 searches per month, it was my first (medium-term) success with...
  12. logicalnerds

    I Need Your Help

    I am planning to create an online course on "Passive Income". It will be based on earning from online by creating niche websites. So, my questions: Tell me what is stopping you from being Financially Independent? Do you have any idea how much you can earn online? Do you have any idea...
  13. thehustler

    Affiliate Niche Site without Social Media Follow. Possible?

    Hey guys, I just made a niche affiliate site where I promote affiliate products, so should I make social FB, Insta, Pinterest, Twitter pages and ask people to "like and follow us"? Asking because isn't there a good chance that people will bounce off when they see that the site has zero social...
  14. Lucian BitterStrawberry

    Ask Me Anything Find a profitable niche where you know you can shine

    If you are new to affiliate marketing or have been around for a while but are stuck in the internet wasteland unable to progress, then this article is for you. You’ve probably heard the phrase “the riches are in the niches”, but you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of niches out there and...
  15. R


    Hi, my name is Rab and I am keen on making affiliate marketing a success for me to generate a passive income. I have signed up for Wealthy Affiliate a couple months back and I kind of got to know how affiliate marketing works as I am just starting out and I am still a student. I am now currently...
  16. J

    Is my niche a good one?

    Hello all, I've just signed up a couple of days ago and began browsing the forums and learning a bit more about what you guys do. I think it's awesome. I've had this idea of starting a blog about psychology and self-help for a while now, but am unsure if this niche would be well suited for...
  17. King Conga

    How to Find Best Strategic Niche in Music.....

    and use it on Amazon Affiliates. I'm wondering if Wealthy Affiliate is THE place to go for this. My biggest problem is finding the right utility s'ware tool that helps me find my niche.
  18. yoligrana

    Building my first niche affiliate project

    I'm building myself an affiliate website. The niche is iPhone and its related products and tools. I'm taking products from Amazon, Aliexpress and Ebay as well. What I plan is to get an eye-catching website to help engage people who loves iphone and related stuff. I also plan to optimize the...
  19. Mobidea

    4 Ideas for you to increase profits!

    When it comes to monetizing online content, affiliate marketing is the way to go for both beginners and more seasoned online entrepreneurs. Those who are interested in online marketing have heard many different true stories about all kinds of people making a fortune through their affiliates...
  20. Artemii

    Choosing a niche

    Hello! I am totaly new to affiliate marketing. I am thinking of launching a musical blog with new albums reviews etc. I know that Apple Music have their affiliate program. Does someone know if it works? Or it's better to concentrate on some professional music gear sellers? Or maybe music...