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How Select A Niche For My Affiliate Marketing


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This is the result of a post at Twitter --

me [Chat GPT4 prompt]: I need to select a niche for my affiliate marketing business but there are so many possibilities ... create a mind map for me to help evaluate my options
web-tool for assembling the markdown to SVG mapping: Try markmap



the attached are 2 HTML files with these charts -- you can open them in locally your browser --they are in a zip file -


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this is ChatGPT's "map"


Hallucinating and speaking in tongues unknown still ...


  • markdown-affiliate-niche.txt
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To the top post: Did that help you choose a niche? :rofl

I actually think that list of segmentation would be really good for content ideas and direction, for a course or other type of article. Create your editorial calendar from each subtitle. It would save a lot of time. Just what jumped to mind immediately.

It reminds me of a flowchart. Which, I suppose it is. One of sorts, anyway.

Re the map: Umm...I don't know what to say, really. What the hell is that? Babel meets ChatGPT, tosses it into a centrifuge and spits out the results. :rofl

Money-Laundering Water GIF by Feliks Tomasz Konczakowski
'My" was referring to the constant questions by newbies:
>>How *do I* Select A Niche For My Affiliate Marketing
Flow charts are top to bottom usually with some redirection.
``Mind Map`` is a new term to me left to right (I guess)
But now when the question is repeatedly asked again I can link to this ;)

You can see it's primarily redundant to the last 1000 replies.
As for that image --seems like an FBI profiler's chart a bit schizophrenic --AI have you sought out any professional help :p
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