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  1. Imran Sikder

    Scam Or Legit

    Anyone, please tell me that Goojibear Pay Per Call Network Scam Or Legit
  2. S

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Guys, I am Shumail, new member of Affiliate Fix forum. I am working on my affiliate review-website "Reviews Truth". Hope i get some tips and suggestions for the success of my website. Thanks, Shumail
  3. Al Bojko

    Hi Everyone

    I'm Al Bojko and I've recently joined the website. I came to this website to see if we have common interests, but if I can get to learn and connect with like minded individuals. I also have a website that I recently created and I think you might like it, I've been working hard on it, if you can...
  4. Nirmalya Saha

    Welcome Review

    Hello all i welcome review for my Blog ( so, Please review....
  5. Nirmalya Saha

    welcome review my new blog

    Hello Everybody I'd love some tips and critiques about my Blog: about guide to new blogger and recommendation some good resource.
  6. KatePage

    Logo&website review needed

    Hi! Please check this logo and write your feedback (positive\negative\any suggestions). This is a logo of Personal Money Service that tries to match the loan lenders with the borrowers, so it was rather difficult to make a good, noticeable logo. And please write what you think about the whole...
  7. JakeMA

    Maximising Your Landing Page to Gain a Wider Target Audience

    Maximising Your Landing Page to Gain a Wider Target Audience Glad to be apart of the dojo and wanted to share my first blog post with you all. The concept is originally for dating offers but can be used for any vertical. A landing page, more commonly referred to as an “LP” is the page...