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  1. A

    Ideas on getting women signups on the adult network

    Hi, Anyone know how best to target women on places like exoclick? Women are the target audience, but what would be the best target areas to choose? or is there sites like exoclick / other adult sites that might have the option to target women that you know? any ideas?
  2. affilify

    Ask Me Anything Best Affiliate Program for Woman- age:40 to 60- 50% mums- high earning adults

    My target audience is women aged 40 to 60, over half are mothers, live mostly in UK and US, and their earning is high. their interests are Royal news, food and drink and Fashion. I was wondering what types of offers would best be suitable for this target audience if my preferred method of...
  3. S

    How to find target audience on any social media platform

    Can anyone please help me to find the target Audience on any social media platform
  4. R

    Keyword Targeting On Outbrain

    Hey guys, Has anyone done contextual keyword targeting on Outbrain and would you recommend doing this or do you think better to just start blacklisting broad and optimize from there? Thank you!
  5. T J Tutor

    Being Clear About the Ideal Customer

    Being very clear about what the ideal client looks like is challenging for many. How do you zero in with a clearly defined target audience and how do you integrate them into a campaign?
  6. JakeMA

    Maximising Your Landing Page to Gain a Wider Target Audience

    Maximising Your Landing Page to Gain a Wider Target Audience Glad to be apart of the dojo and wanted to share my first blog post with you all. The concept is originally for dating offers but can be used for any vertical. A landing page, more commonly referred to as an “LP” is the page...