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    Looking for Adult and dating offers

    Hello Advertiser. I have my own traffic source. My Traffic source is SEO with my Own Website. Also I have paid traffic. I have Push, in-page Push, Banner traffic too. If you have well converting and good Payout Adult and dating offers then fell free to contact with me. I'm ready to promote...
  2. MyBid

    Trending Ad Creatives for Promoting Dating Offers in Vietnam: How to Win Over the Vietnamese Audience with Push Notifications

    Should you launch campaigns in crowded geos or should you try your luck in emerging ones? Everyone has their own take on this. If you decide to go for the latter, Vietnam is a very interesting option, especially when it comes to promoting dating campaigns. In this article, we'll look at the...
  3. Jillz

    Affiliates Wanted In-house USA CPL Dating offers - Looking for traffic!

    Hi! I am looking for traffic to our in-house adult dating offers. We 100% own our site, so a fresh database! At the moment we are only looking for CPL DOI traffic, so a simple e-mail submit with verification. We offer a $3.75 payout to start with, however we are open to raise this PO if the...
  4. MyBid

    How to Target Female Audiences When Promoting Dating Offers: The Best Traffic Sources, Geos, Ad Creatives, and Angles to Use

    If we take a look at the dating vertical, you'll notice that most affiliates tend to focus on targeting male users while overlooking the female audience. However, this is a missed chance because on popular dating apps like Tinder, the number of men and women in Europe is almost equal. Many...
  5. AdsEmpire

    Case Study Driving Traffic to Spain Dating Offer: Achieving a 31.6% ROI in Two Weeks

    Vertical: Dating GEO: Spain Affiliate Network: AdsEmpire Offer: Source: TrafficJunky Ad Format: Banner 305x99 Offer: Payment Model: CPL (SOI) Payout: CPL SOI WEB $3.5 / MOB $3.0 Period: 01.02 – 07.02.2024 In this case study, we share the successful...
  6. E

    Does TrafficJunky + Dating offers work in 2024?

    Hello, I used to run adult dating offers on traffic junky and exoclcik in 2010 and made some money, a few thousands. Do these traffic sources still work or are they too saturated? aka the traffic being too expensive What traffic sources would you recommend for adult dating? Also, please...
  7. HilltopAds


    February 14th - The day of love and romance. It's the time when Cupid sends his arrows, and the HilltopAds ad network sends you a new article with tips and tricks on how to run successful ads for Valentine's Day! Let's take a look at what's waiting for you today: Statistics & Audience...
  8. B

    Looking for Exclusive In-house or Direct Dating Offers

    Looking for Exclusive In-house or Direct Dating Offers. FB ads media buying team, high quality traffic need high EPC offers.
  9. AdsEmpire

    Guide How to Optimize Dating Offers on TikTok

    TikTok, with its massive user base and unique algorithm, offers a lucrative space for promoting dating services. This guide explores key strategies to effectively tap into TikTok's potential for driving dating traffic. Why TikTok for Dating Traffic? 1. Diverse Audience: Contrary to the...
  10. MonRays

    Official How to work with In-page push in the dating niche❤️

    How to work with In-page push in the dating niche❤️ The In-Page advertising format can be a highly beneficial tool for promoting dating offers. In skilled hands, such advertising attracts attention, creates an emotional connection with the user, and motivates them to take some action. We will...
  11. Jillz

    Affiliates Wanted In-house CPL dating offers available! Looking for traffic!

    Hey hey, We are looking for tier-1 traffic for our in-house dating offers. Please find the details below. Promote our in-house Adult Dating product: SlutFinder with AI-optimized pre-landing pages. Your visitors will enjoy the easiest user flow available. We offer a mix of different offers...
  12. Tatyana_ClickAdilla

    Ask Me Anything Boost your dating ads – try email clicks!

    Have you heard about the opportunity to get high ROI performance in the dating vertical? Dating is one of the most popular verticals due to several reasons: – ease of creating advertising campaigns – the ability to reach a wide audience and receive a large volume of traffic – stable and high...
  13. Andreas - Mirelia

    Guide What to expect from the Dating vertical as we approach this Holiday season!

    The affiliate marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and as we approach the festive season, the dating vertical is poised to shine brightly. Here are some compelling reasons why the dating vertical is set to be incredibly promising. Holiday Loneliness: The holiday season can be a lonely...
  14. MyBid

    How To Get Traffic for Dating Offers in 2023 and Hit 90% ROI

    Not long ago, one of the affiliates in our network asked our manager: "Is the dating niche still profitable in 2023? What should we focus on to get the best results?" To find out, we sat down with Max, an experienced affiliate who has tested various traffic sources for the dating space. He and...
  15. RickWong

    Seeking Help A new journey to media buying

    hey guys I'm Rick, have been working as an affiliate manager in a network for one year. I want to start my career of media buying. Now I have a tiktok ads account and want to start with dating offers. I want to use this post as a way to record my growth. Also getting some help here.
  16. MonRays

    Official ❤️Dating Push Campaigns In Germany: Boost CTR And ROI

    Dating Push Campaigns in Germany: Strategies to Boost CTR and ROI Today, let's delve into creatives targeting one of the popular GEOs, Germany. This country boasts a financially capable audience – users respond well to 18+ content, and men are keen on connecting with women. Germany ranks...
  17. AffiLEO

    My way to earn over $200 a day - Dating, 18+, explicit content

    Hey everyone, Leo here, and I've got some exciting news to share! After thorough research and planning, I'm all set to launch my dating campaign targeting Arab countries. I've spotted some promising traffic volumes for these regions on ClickAdilla, and I can't wait to get started. Campaign...
  18. MonRays

    Official Dating Vertical Trends in 2023⚡️

    Dating Vertical Trends In 2023⚡️ - MonRays & Vortex Insights The dating vertical, a perennially dynamic field in the realm of affiliate marketing, continues its journey of transformation as we delve deeper into 2023. To grasp the pulse of this ever-evolving landscape, let's delve into key...
  19. Cpamatica

    Official [Follow Along] Сasual dating campaigns with AI Visuals? Let`s check!

    In today's fast-changing world of digital marketing, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) is like having a superpower in your toolkit. With AI, affiliate marketers can really dig into how users behave online, what they like, and what's trending. This means they can create super-focused ads and...
  20. Gala

    Case Study [Case Study] 474% ROI: How Targeting Facebook Browser Boosted a Dating CPA Offer

    Imagine the perfect union of a Dating CPA offer and Facebook browser targeting. It's a great match, ensuring a happily ever after for your profits. And if that's not enough, one of our partners, has generously offered to share an extraordinary case study on promoting an SOI offer using Adsterra...