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New to Mobile - Question about optimizing/cutting placements



Hey guys,
I am relatively new to mobile and I have a quick question.

Many mobile ad networks allow targeting by country, site category, and device OS (iPhone, Android). When looking in my tracker, for example, what if a specific mobile carrier or phone model is not converting AT ALL? What do you guys do about this situation? You obviously cannot tell the ad networks to stop serving ads to Verizon users on an iPhone 4.

What options do I have?


Monetize the traffic with another offer that converts.
Haha yeah I kind of assumed that was the answer, thanks :)
I guess once I have enough data I can redirect 100% of that bad traffic rather than split testing with the old offer and new offer.

Dr. Forum

It is all about getting to know the alternatives. After that, you will be able to monetize the entire traffic. It does not mean that when one network is not converting on your side, you give up. You better work with several networks btw, they will help you boost the income and also open up to new opportunities that you even did not know. So I will just encourage you to be flexible always and all the things will be okay. Do not stick to one network in IM.