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Apr 2, 2020 at 7:58 PM
    1. gusta
      hi, can you suggest me one source+landing page+offer with can profit set please.
      1. gusta
        Apr 12, 2019
      2. servandosilva
        No, I can't but you can use a spy tool and start testing to find profit with your campaigns. Nobody is going to give you away an offer + lp + source for free. It's up to you to find them.
        Apr 24, 2019
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    2. Nadeem
      hey servandosilva,
      i am new in affliate marketing, i need some help from you, can you guide me how i can start my first campaign.
    3. SandraDee
      Hello, can you help me earn at least 5 dollars per day with adult offers? Write me at it-marketingz at tutanota com

      My name is Sandra
    4. Md Angarul
      Md Angarul
      Hello Dear,
      I Want Create Click-dealer Account. Please Help Me for Approved Click-dealer Account. I Need Your Referral Link Please Help Me,
      contact My Skype Id: angarul.islam
      Email: [email protected]
    5. daghash
      Hi servando,
      I have a ZeroPark Account since 1 year, you helped me to create this account
      Then I did not open my ZeroPark account for more than 4 months because i shifted to another country
      before 3 months i found that my account is suspended
      Since this time I am trying to contact ZeroPark support many many times but i did not get any reply
      Please help me to reactivate my account or refund my money

    6. Liean070
      Hi servando, can you help which cpa offers good convert popads traffic. I have peerfly account. plz help me

      my skype- saiful.islam210590
    7. Eurasia
      Hi Servando, I come from Monetizame. Thanks to you I met the forum.

    8. yancy
      Hi,guy Can you help me sign up ZP ?
    9. DaynaAdnium
      Hello Servando

      My name is Dayna and I'm the head of sales with Adnium.com. I'm not sure if you've heard of us before but I would love to discuss things further with you when opportunity presents itself.

      In the meantime, have a great start to your week Servando,
    10. janinec
      Hello Servando, I tried to create a new thread to the forum regarding voluum. Is it possible to ask you a question here regarding tracking? I don't have enough posts because the tracking contains links and won't let me save the thread
    11. fnoperi
      Hi Servandosilva, I'm Javier and I'm from the U.S. I'm thinking in getting back to cpa offers likely using mobile traffic. I just feel a little overwhelmed, I'm not sure if i have to sign for a course like Mobile Immersion which I find the yearly membership very expensive. I want to start with $500-$2000 in mobile traffic and whatever vps/tools/ tracker I need to help me out with my success.
    12. kopscript
      Hi, Do you got a blog~?
      1. servandosilva
        Hello. Yes. It's linked in my signature. Thanks.
        Aug 29, 2016
    13. mi2
      Hi Servando, can you please check you blog about zeropark coupon, I commented there yesterday and tomorrow is last day, so if you have time please add me on your list.
    14. BryanDavis CA
      BryanDavis CA
      Hi Friend can you help me ! Pls add my Skype : live:bryanmdavis3
    15. Treatment Center
      Treatment Center
      WWe are direct buyer of Addiction / Rehab PPCall leads. We are looking for volume 7 days a week. Can pay very competitive rates.
    16. ns7000
      Hi servandosilva just wanted to check with you if you also give CPA coaching? Thanks
      1. servandosilva
        Hello. I don't give cpa coaching at the moment. Thanks!
        May 31, 2016
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    17. Yassine Boui
      Yassine Boui
      hello sir i want to join Zeropark can you help me please
      because is rejet my first order to join
    18. Austin Spare
      Austin Spare
      Great to see some great marketers here! :)
    19. sarin
      Hey Servando, I have just added you on skype, please add me back: sarin.balasanian I d really like to get the opportunity to chat with you and discuss some business opportunities. Thanks a lot in advance:)!
    20. Ivan Galabov
      Ivan Galabov
      Hi Servando,

      I'm a direct advertiser and I'm looking for direct publishers who can deliver PIN-submit/mobile subscription traffic for the following GEOs:
      - AU - $20
      - NL - $20
      - TH - $1.50
      - UK - $7
      - MY - $2.80
      - SG - $8

      Can you help with this? I can give you much higher payouts than the ones you are getting from the affiliate networks. Please drop me a line on skype: hlapaka7500
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      2. Md Angarul
        Md Angarul
        Hello Dear,
        You Can Help Me??
        contact My Skype Id: angarul.islam
        Email: [email protected]
        Jan 4, 2018
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