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optimise campaign

  1. dacleary

    How can I optimise my campaign

    I've spent like $15 in two days running this campaign on propellerads and so far only 1 conversion. The testing period for CPAGoal is finished now and i've been manually excluding zones with low CTR and high views. What else can I do?
  2. Hassan Kenny

    Affiliate newbie!

    I’m just new to affiliate marketing. And I wish to know more.....
  3. dragonfly666

    How do you optimise your campaigns?

    One thing that I'm struggling to get some info on is (after gaining some statistical data over a good period of time) what should I focus on viewing and blacklisting or whitelisting first? Is there any particular list you go through in a certain order to make decisions on what to observe and...
  4. mike zenith

    Google security error on my domain with antivirus related offers

    I just started with few of the media buying activity and choose CPI offers of antivirus in US Geo which converting well(adv said). I created some lander related to antivirus notifications. After running it for 3-4 days now my domain is getting "Security Error" and campaign has been paused by...
  5. Linoy- SelfAdvertiser

    Ask Me Anything Tips - Optimize your Campaigns to Reach Marketing Objectives

    Hi all, Here are some optimizations tips that will help you to improve your campaigns: Set Up Clear Goals Go Deep on Knowing Your Target Audience (Don’t) Forget about Visits Demand Awesome Creatives Everything Is Responsive Measure and Optimize Change Creatives Every Three Weeks Always Set Up...
  6. clickBakers

    Are you ready for ASW in Las Vegas?

    Hi ALL! clickBakers team is coming to the Affiliate Summit West on 15 – 17 January in Las Vegas! Take this opportunity to discover more about our progressive tracking software and TDS for affiliates and performance marketers and learn how to improve the performance of your traffic. Come to...
  7. Benjamin Pages

    Creative Ideas for Game Offer Pre-Lander

    Hi All, What pre-landers do you think (or know) work best for simple game offers (eg. tetris, pacman, etc.)?
  8. clickBakers

    How to make your newsletter effective?

    Hi, create an effective newsletter campaign is not always easy, right? We put together 5 basic rules to make your newsletter catchy and helpful to bring the best conversation rate. These are the basic principles: 1. Newsletter set up- think about your audience and the goal you want to achieve...
  9. Susan

    What is your favorite affiliate blog topic?

    Hi! What are your favorite blog topics you usually looking for or would you like to read but is difficult to find valuable information? Let me know your opinion! ;)
  10. Z

    What is AdsBridge Auto Optimization?

    As you may know, the Automatic Campaign Optimization is a unique feature that was first introduced on AdsBridge platform. It’s been launched and running for quite some time, however, we still receive questions like: “What benefits does it give?”, “Why do affiliates need it?”, and “How does it...
  11. Susan

    Meet clickBakers at AWAsia in Bangkok!

    Hi! clickBakers is coming to AWAsia in Bangkok 5-6 December 2016 and on this occasion we'd like to invite you to stop by our booth A15. We advise you to book a meeting with our product manager if you want to know more about the Affiliate Traffic Management! Also, don't miss a chance to win one...
  12. Susan

    Event Meet clickBakers team at AWAsia in Bangkok and win a price!

    Hi All! Our clickBakers team will be exhibiting at Affiliate World Asia on 5-6 December in Bangkok and on this occasion we`d like to invite you to visit our booth A15 to discuss about our traffic management platform. Feel free to book a face-to-face meeting with one of our product managers who...
  13. Susan

    Meet Up Meet clickBakers at the Summit of iGaming Malta 2016!

    Hi All! You are more than welcome to visit our excellent team at upcoming SiGMA 2016! We will be ready to discuss about our mobile web tracker and how you can use it to optimize your online campaigns. Let`s bake your click with tailor-made clickBakers! Looking forward to meeting you there!
  14. R

    New to Mobile - Question about optimizing/cutting placements

    Hey guys, I am relatively new to mobile and I have a quick question. Many mobile ad networks allow targeting by country, site category, and device OS (iPhone, Android). When looking in my tracker, for example, what if a specific mobile carrier or phone model is not converting AT ALL? What do...
  15. The Mad French

    [Guide] How to Launch and Optimize Profitable AdWords Campaigns

    Hello everyone, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to this community. I found here really helpful and friendly people who don't hesitate to share valuable knowledge on a daily basis in a warm atmosphere. I joined AffiliateFix a month ago and thought it was time to give something...
  16. netabdo

    Need your help to optimise a campaign - first step to get $100 per month

    Hi friends, After solving problem of traffic source, it's time to learn more and new things, never give up :) Was 3 days ago when I launched a campaign with details below: - offer for survey mobile - country :usa -landing page: lp with 2 question - spent : $10 - earned : $1.73 The campaign...