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65 campaigns under 20 mins? It's POSSIBLE with TheOptimizer! Listen now!



Hey everyone! Wewe Media is happy to be back with another great podcast!

Are your affiliate marketing campaigns keeping you up late at night? If the repetitive tasks of pausing ads, changing landing pages, optimising bids etc... sounds familiar, this episode is for you!

Today we're excited to have Losid Berberi, Chief Marketing Officer of TheOptimizer join us for an insightful talk on how automation can make running any affiliate marketing campaign much easier. It's even possible to create more than 65 campaigns with 5-6 creatives each under 20 MINS! Certainly a great time-saver for all the affiliate marketers out there. Even better, they are coming up with something EXCITING to help save time on landing pages, so make sure to stay till the end to hear about it!

TheOptimizer is also generously giving a 69% discount for you when you sign up with our coupon "WEWEMEDIA". Don't miss this rare opportunity to optimise your way to affiliate marketing success!

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