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Airpush huge clicks discrepancy, is it normal?

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by Cazzius, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Cazzius

    Cazzius Affiliate affiliate

    I started my first campaign to test how everything works, stop at 10$ bid.

    These are the stats:
    Airpush - 3,330 impressions - 340 clicks
    TrackingDesk Tracker - 196 visits
    Shark Games CPA/CPI - 105 clicks

    Spent 10.20$ and got 1 conversion (2$) (stopped the campaign in airpush cause i read it goes over your min bid...)

    Beside the loss of 8$, how can it be only 105 clicks counted?
    Is it normal? ...
  2. Voluum
  3. Cazzius

    Cazzius Affiliate affiliate

    No one use Airpush?
  4. Dispply

    Dispply Guest


    do they count all clicks or just unique ones? Plus there's always click loss between Ad platform - tracker - network.
  5. MarinaKimia

    MarinaKimia Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, okey, so this may be more info then you bargained for but xD... Hey! It might help others in the same situation.

    Some insight about "click loss" from our experience @ Kimia.

    The click loss between the affiliate link and the offers final landing is totally out of a partners control and not only that, you can't really measure it, as the clicks you see on your affiliate network stats are the ones that reached the affiliate link, not the clicks that reached the offer landing page. The affiliate network has no way to count those (the offers landing is not theirs, so they don't have any kind of stats for the clicks that reached it, unless the offer/partner reports them back, which is unusual).

    You need to separate the click loss between the different jumps. As mentioned before, you can measure and try to control some, but others are totally out of your control and you won't even be able to measure them.

    1) The first and biggest jump is the publisher/ad network to your landing (comparing clicks counted by the publisher and the ones received in your landing). Here it will depend a lot on the way you get the traffic:

    - Pops: the biggest click loss is here, the ad network/publisher counts the pop as soon as the call is made to your landing using javascript, but there is some delay in this (based mainly on the hosting, both the networks and yours). And even if your landing loads, the bounce rate is big here, you are showing the user something he didn't ask for, so most of them will just close your pop and keep surfing the publisher page (here the main factor is your landing design/angle).

    - Redirects: second on click loss % after pops. Similar to pops, two reasons for click loss: hosting and page loading speed, and then the bounce rate because the landing angle/design. The main difference with pops is that the original publishers page is no longer available, so they might stay in your landing if it's attractive.

    - Banner clicks: First click loss again happens on hosting, but here the bounce rate should be way lower if your landing is really related to the banner. They already know more or less what expect from the first click, so they have more patience waiting for your landing to fully load.

    2) Once the surfer has decided to stay in your landing, of course the bounce rate and the ctr of your link to the offer are the key here, it's all about angle/design.

    3) Once the user has clicked on your button to the offer, then it's all about the affiliate networks hosting and tracking software speed.

    4) After the surfer has been redirected to the offer (if the offer is rebrokered through other networks, then step 3 applies again.) Then its all about the offer landing loading speed, which is something totally out of your control and out of the affiliate networks control, even in terms of trying to measure it, as I wrote in the intro.

    All these jumps apply both to mobile and desktop, but the issue on mobile is greater for one reason. Some devices/OS, specially old ones, have issues handling several redirects and tend to hung up after a few. So when you receive the click from the ad network, it might have been through several redirects before, either at the publishers site itself or if the click is being brokered through several ad network, that is pretty common in redirects/pops, not as much for banner clicks. Therefore the click you received might have gone through 5 or 6 redirects before reaching you, and it might have frozen up before loading your landing.

    We hope this is useful!

    As always, if you have any doubts just let me know :)
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