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  1. Elad Cohen

    Huge clicks discrepancy

    Hi! i am experiencing huge clicks discrepancy... i see 100 clicks on Voluum and only 50 clicks on the affiliate network panel. it is really harming my CR. i have only one campaign running, so the traffic is quite low. i suspect three issues: 1. my shared hosing damages my clicks... i need a...
  2. Cazzius

    Airpush huge clicks discrepancy, is it normal?

    I started my first campaign to test how everything works, stop at 10$ bid. These are the stats: Airpush - 3,330 impressions - 340 clicks TrackingDesk Tracker - 196 visits Shark Games CPA/CPI - 105 clicks Spent 10.20$ and got 1 conversion (2$) (stopped the campaign in airpush cause i read it...