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  1. abdellahi

    Airpush mobile ad network guide

    Hello everyone i'm back with a new guide, our ad network today is Airpush,Airpush is a private, bootstrapped mobile advertising platform. It is known as one of the largest mobile ad platforms with over 120,000 live apps utilizing its SDK. Today we will see how to create a campaign step by step...
  2. Luke_14

    Voluum Tracking Impressions from Airpush

    Hi I started a campaign on Airpush today. I noticed that my Voluum was tracking all the impressions from Airpush and not the actual clicks. In my traffic sources the option to track impressions for Airpush is NOT selected. I have no clue why this is doing this, unless Airpush is literally...
  3. T

    Promote mobile CPI offers on Airpush

    I've just started to promote mobile CPI offers on Mobile Advertising Networks. The first network I selected is Airpush. After finishing all campaign's set up, my campaign got rejected with the Reason: "Unable to get the desired landing page. Please provide a screenshot of the landing page along...
  4. Elad Cohen

    integrating Voluum with Airpush

    Hi, i would like to integrate Voluum with Airpush DSP. i want to update the cost of each campaign using API. meaning that voluum will pull the cost from airpush automatically how do i do it?
  5. Elad Cohen

    How do i know what are the best Geos on Airpush? (Geos with a lot of traffic)

    Hi! I would like to pick a mobile offer on Peerfly and promote it on Airpush. How would i know what are the best Geos on Airpush, which ones has a lot of traffic? how can i decide between Mexico, Peru, India or Ireland for example? (in terms of traffic amount and traffic cost)
  6. NemoNemo

    Anyone know more Ad networks where I can run campaigns on CPA, like Adwords, AirPush?

    Hi all, I'm a media buyer / advertiser with direct connection to telco's, creating my own campaigns. Interested in feedback from affiliates in what kind of campaigns they prefer to run. Currently running mobile only subscription campaigns (game / girl video / horoscope / win latest iPhone...
  7. Cazzius

    Airpush always tons of clicks, zero conversions

    Why everytime i try a campaign in Airpush, it gets 2000/3000 clicks and ZERO or max 1 conversion? How's that possible? There is no logic in this, 2000/3000 people click and go to the playstore and NO ONE download/install the game or app for a second? Tried it with various games/apps, various...
  8. Cazzius

    Airpush huge clicks discrepancy, is it normal?

    I started my first campaign to test how everything works, stop at 10$ bid. These are the stats: Airpush - 3,330 impressions - 340 clicks TrackingDesk Tracker - 196 visits Shark Games CPA/CPI - 105 clicks Spent 10.20$ and got 1 conversion (2$) (stopped the campaign in airpush cause i read it...
  9. Cazzius

    Dispply + Airpush + TrackingDesk

    Hello guys, could i have some help setting everything up with TrackingDesk tracker (if anyone using it) i tried it but it doesn't seem getting data from Dispply. These are the settings of TrackingDesk Predefined Publisher: Airpush Pixel link: Advertiser...
  10. Illuminatix

    IPhone 6 Giveaway Pin Submit + Airpush Traffic

    Hi... Im realy interested to test more about IPhone 6 Giveaway Pin Submits for specific countries and try with Airpish traffic source so my question is: Whats the best angle for promoting this kind of offers with airpush traffic? I see much potential with Abstract and Rich media type so want to...