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Hello guys, could i have some help setting everything up with TrackingDesk tracker (if anyone using it) i tried it but it doesn't seem getting data from Dispply.
These are the settings of TrackingDesk

Predefined Publisher: Airpush
Pixel link:

Advertiser: Dispply (there isn't in the predefined list)
Tracking technology: Custom (it's a custom one)
aff_sub -> event_id
aff_sub2 -> var_1
aff_sub3 -> var_2
aff_sub4 -> var_3
aff_sub5 -> var_4

Added brand with Install(CPI) revenue method and it give me a Postback URL like this:
Then i put this Postback URL to Dispply -> Offer -> Postback -> Postback base, without touching all the parameters fields editable there.

Then i add a creative and add in the Target URL, the Dispply offer Tracking link without touching all the editable fields (aff_pub, aff_sub, aff_sub2/3/4/5)

Then i create a campaign in TrackingDesk, add the asset (the brand+creative i created before), save it and copy the Campaign URL generated to the Airpush campaign Creative URL.

Well Airpush campaign got approved, but in TrafficDesk i see only the Visits but not the Clicks (had no conversions...)

It's my first campaign (and alread burned 3$ on airpush with no conversion anyway, but i'm learning)
Hello @Cazzius - Few things to keep in mind.
1. the tracking links dissply provide should't be altered and you shouldn't add any parameters (subid etc...) as we will automatically push our dynamic variables in to their links.
2. dissply need to tell you into which placeholder they will put the conversionid and the commission amount.
so our postback url will look like:

It's really up to them to tell you how to format the placeholder where they return our conversion id (event_id).

When you say you see visits but no clicks in trackingdesk. Are you using a landing page?

You can reach out to our support through the app if you want someone to check your settings.
Thanks and good luck!