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  1. M

    BeMob, visits aren't tracked

    Hello, I got 3over 3800 campaign clicks, but only 320 visits are registered in BeMob, what can be wrong?
  2. jowel

    Announcement Christmas Special Offer Discount

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  3. O

    Best Tracker for ShareASale Publisher

    Hi, I am making a decent amount of commission/conversions in ShareASale without using a tracker by doing PPC in google ads. My question is, what is the best tracker I can use based on the affiliate network I am in and my traffic source. I am considering a tracker that can track a conversion...
  4. M

    Seeking Help How to track the opening of emails not in Gmail?

    Hi all. I need to set up tracking for opening letters in privateemail com, there are no widgets or add-ons for this, specifically in this service. What other things can be used?
  5. S

    Seeking Help Voluum DSP traffic planner alternative!

    Hello We all know that voluum dsp is closed, alot of us was using voluum dsp traffic planner to have an idea about the average bid floor of each website… Do you have any alternative for this tool, please :) Thank you

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  7. N

    Seeking Help Bing platform not reporting on revenue value

    Hello PPCers, My Microsoft Ads account has conversion tracking set up using an UET tag. This tag is tracking sales and revenue, but the revenue is not tracking in the Bing platform, only sales. I've tried to reach out to Bing support who are no help and ask me to check the setup of my tag. The...
  8. Honeybadger

    Seeking Help Can you embed lead form for affiliate $$$?

    technical/tracking question say you got a blog about home improvement can you html embed a lead gen form from a 3rd party website & receive affiliate commission? will the tracking process ok?
  9. Lisa -

    Announcement Launch your own CPA network with in-house tracking and make Millions (No Monthly Fee)

    Hey, wait!! I am not offering this service yet, here to research the market before we launch a Life Time Deal, Please read it fully to get benefited from it. Well, my parent company is planning to introduce a service with AffiliateFix where we will create a CPA/Affiliate network with a robust...
  10. himmayn

    Seeking Help Hiring someone to help me setup tracking (redtrack + leadbit)

    I have just signed up for redtrack so I can track my leadbit offers I have tried google and YouTube and my affiliate manager but I haven't found clear instructions for this setup so I'm lost P.S I'm ready to pay 5$ PayPal for someone who can mentor me with this setup
  11. Micheal

    Tracking Solution which post Conversion in Google Ads, Microsoft ads and Facebook ads.

    Hi I am looking for tracker which post the conversion in Google ads, Facebook ads and Microsoft ads. I found CPVLAB Pro and Voluum have these features but the cost is out of budget. Voluum : Google Ads Integration CPVLAB : Posting conversion details to Google Ads | CPV Lab Pro Documentation...
  12. Steve @ Voluum

    How to run sports betting advertising campaigns in 2022

    How to run sports betting advertising campaigns in 2022 Brought to you by Voluum, Revpanda & PropellerAds There’s over $52 billion in the industry and almost every other young American has placed a sports bet before. So, not only is online betting massive, it’s consistently growing! So put...
  13. KateGorb

    Adjust or Appsflyer

    Hello everyone! I am about to launch a mobile campaign for a soft product and I was advised on two tracking systems: appsflyer and adjust. Which one is better in your opinion?
  14. MaxBountyJoe

    MaxBounty: The 7 Best Tracking Platforms for Affiliate Marketers

    Hey, everyone! We recently compiled a list of what we think are the top third-party tracking platforms/software for affiliate marketers in 2022. This list is based off of a combination of our own affiliates' experience and feedback as well as recently conducted research. I figured this may...
  15. Emmawantstolearn

    How To Track Order Page Stats?

    Hi Everyone! I signed up for LT Tracker. Completed My Path & Everything Else Seems To Be Ok with the Campaign tracking except I don't know how to track customers who went up to the Order Page which is past the Offer Page (both of which I have no control over!). My CPA Network gives me tokens...
  16. Emmawantstolearn

    Google Analytics For Affiliate Conversion Tracking?

    Hi Everyone! Is it possible to use Google Analytics to track Conversions? - Em
  17. MasterOfHearts

    How To Track & Promote MyLead Offers?

    Hi Everyone! I have marked 2 things on the screenshot attached. 1) MyLead asks not to use your own tracking software. Does it mean we cannot use external trackers at all? What about private trackers namely Voluum / BeMob / RedTracker, etc? 2) iPhone Sweepstakes offers without incentive...
  18. A

    Best Tracking Practices: Own Website + All Trafic Sources (Organic, Paid, Social, Email)

    Hello, My name is Alex, I’m new on this forum. I have a couple websites and I don’t have a lot of experience in with professional tracking solutions, like AdsBridge, Admob, Voluum, Redtrack, etc. The biggest traffic source I have is Organic traffic from Google. So I never bothered before with...
  19. vickhoff

    $400 for tracker per month

    Hello helpies, i hope everyone is fine at the other side. iam writing this as iam now stuck on something where im helpless little bit, 4 months back i was starting the affiliate thing and i was searching for offers, landers, trackers etc for the setup on the internet.... after sometime, i found...
  20. N

    Multistep landing page tracking in Voluum with basic plan

    Hi, I am trying to set up tracking in Voluum for dating cpa offer. I made landing pages with few simple questions are you over 18 etc before directing them to the offer. Now I don't know how to setup tracking in Voluum for this because there are few pages between the first landing page and the...