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Seeking Help How to track the opening of emails not in Gmail?


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Hi all. I need to set up tracking for opening letters in privateemail com, there are no widgets or add-ons for this, specifically in this service. What other things can be used?
You could try integrating Google Analytics in your emails. I'm not sure how you can add tracking unless you were not using their webmail and instead using SMTP + IMAP.
Good query, The open rate of emails is what you want to monitor, not Gmail. Therefore, you must include what's known as a "tracking pixel" a tiny, invisible image in your email. The image loads from a server when the receiver opens the email, and the server logs the request, proving that the email was viewed.
You now have two choices. One approach is straightforward, and the other requires technical expertise to include a unique "tracking pixel" in your emails.
I'll share with you a quick method of tracking email opens: use email marketing providers. Recall that you have to pay for your sizable email list.