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  1. M

    Seeking Help How to track the opening of emails not in Gmail?

    Hi all. I need to set up tracking for opening letters in privateemail com, there are no widgets or add-ons for this, specifically in this service. What other things can be used?
  2. C

    Selling Selling VHQ Crypto Leads Base

    Greetings. I will sell the base of leads received from Google Search. The base was processed only by calls. Database composition: email, phone number, first name, last name, whether there was a deposit, lead ip, country. The main geos are DE, CA, AU, as well as many other geos. The base is as...
  3. W

    How to build an email database?

    I have been to forums, but I cannot put leads there to develop my connections. I want to build a great connection database through emails and others communication channel, but I do not know how? Willian
  4. S

    Any notable harms of Email Passing?

    If it does violate the GDPR in EU, it would be great to know exactly how.
  5. M

    Best monetization for job portal (traffic and email dtb)

    I have a job portal with significant traffic from SEO. I've also built email databaze with 100.000+ subscribers. Currently I do monetization with AdSense and some direct deals. I feel it's not enough. What is good way for monetization of job portal? [SEO traffic and also email database] Thank...
  6. I

    Does email marketing gets business?

    I want to start email marketing for my business but a bit confused, will it work or not...Can anybody suggest their thoughts about this?
  7. simonbrep

    3 Common Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Email Marketing Strategy

    With so many layers to email marketing the act of starting out on your email marketing journey can seem pretty daunting at first sight. Developing a good email marketing strategy takes a lot of experience, a lot of mistakes, a lot of successes. If you haven’t yet reached guru status or if you...
  8. 5200566c

    Looking For Beta Testers For Lead Gen Tool

    Hello AffiliateFix awesome folks! Here's Bennett. I am fairly new to this awesome forum, but TJ send me this way. I am trying to get some beta testers for a LinkedIn tool that me and couple of my friends have built. The tool is free right now and might be free forever depending on the...
  9. A

    Avoid to get in the spam box?

    Hi When i send out my newsletters the mail i get in my inbox end up in the spam box. I use a as a sender mail. Is there some other mail i can use or trix? How can i avoid this to happen? I have a open rate of 16 %, and wonder if this is a normal rate? Thanks Andrew

    Best network for email offers?

    Hello everyone, I want to know that what is the best offers that i use for email sending?? I have lists of users email so i want such offers that i will send that offers via emails and users will open that offers and from that way i can get impression and clicks or any form filling offers. Is...