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Announcement Launch your own CPA network with in-house tracking and make Millions (No Monthly Fee)

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Service Manager
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Hey, wait!!
I am not offering this service yet, here to research the market before we launch a Life Time Deal, Please read it fully to get benefited from it.

Well, my parent company is planning to introduce a service with AffiliateFix where we will create a CPA/Affiliate network with a robust in-house tracking system with advanced technology and an anti-fraud system and everything is customizable.

I am here to have your comments on it, what would you say if we offer a ready-to-profit CPA network with in-house tracking that comes with a one-time payment? rather paying monthly fees?

We have developed a very powerful in-house tracking system which we will sell for an one-time payment, Not only that we are planning to provide a fully managed service, especially for those who have no experience managing the network.
The plan is: You will pay us a one-time fee and we will build a network for you from building a website, setting up tracking, collaborating with advertisers, adding offers, launching the network, getting affiliates and making them work, and making profit for you, and train you to manage the network, everything will be included in this service for a one-time payment, and there will not be any monthly fees.
In one sentence: we will deliver you an affiliate network that already made profit during the setup and you will only need to continue marketing and managing the network for the rest of your life (We will train you with experienced affiliate managers)
What does it sound like?
We have all the features that Affise/Tune and other performance marketing software have, and we will charge a one-time fee while they charge $500-$1500 per month. And the biggest thing is we will train you how to manage this business and make passive money (Will not only show you, but we will make profit during the training period).

Usually a standard tracking software in our industry charge around $500/Month from a network, there are some who provide it cheaply like $300/Month with limitations in features and usage. But we are not gonna take that much.

Let's say we charge a $2000/one-time fee from our clients for everything and in 30 days we will complete all tasks including training and make at least a couple of hundred dollars in profit. Would you be interested? (Once again, You won't need to pay any monthly subscriptions, forever free) (This is not the final price, it's just for getting some ideas)

Your comments will be appreciated regarding that, I'd love to hear from some of you about this idea before we launch the offer publicly and as a thank-you gift, we will give you access as an early bird where you can order very first with a 10% discount. (As it has huge demand and we only be able to accept 5 orders a month and price will be increased after getting the first 5 clients and taking testimonials from them)

Share your thoughts on skype please: live:.cid.b64583a58e69a892

Note: Please take it as a survey thread

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Basically a white label. Will you maintain it with curated offers --the ones that actually convert
Free updating after the initial purchase --or will there be an additional charge?
Hey, hello
We are not selling any white-label software, we have built it with our resources and developers.
And you will be covered with lifetime free updates (updates that are made for our platforms and published for everyone), but if you want a personalized upgrade, then there will be some additional fees, For example, if you want a customized platform and that will be only for you.

Sounds interesting. So I own my copy and its on my own server on my domain? So I have full controll of the software? You will have some demo of the software so can check it out before buy?
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Well, I think you should give someone trusted here (not me) a 30 day trial on the condition they will publicly publish the results maybe in a journey thread. They will pay for the ads purchased. Sounds like those are good placements for the right offers.
Sounds interesting. So I own my copy and its on my own server on my domain? So I have full controll of the software? You will have some demo of the software so can check it out before buy?
Exactly, You will get your software in your hosting and domain. And it can be Edited/updated by you as well.
For a demo, Please ping me on skype: live:.cid.b64583a58e69a892

Anyway, From 10 - 15 February there will be launching the sale announced by our company where you can get your copy for only $999 for a lifetime. Ping me on skype to be the first to receive the sale upon launching.