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  1. B

    Is TrackingDesk newbie friendly?

    I am still setting up my first campaign and figured I may as well get a tracker setup as well. I don't feel like setting up self-hosted tracker since that will not be a good use of my time. I was going to go with AdsBridge because I see tutorials by them posted in the forum. But since they...
  2. A

    What is Traffic Source Postback Url ?

    I'm trying to setup a tracking solution for me. In this case it's Trackingdesk When I'm trying to add a new traffic source traffic source it's asking me for postback url I know what is postback url. But i don't know how can i get traffic source postback url. Please gimme some example so i can...
  3. Ashwin Satyanarayana

    Gold I've Just Won $500 from Mobicow + AffiliateFix

    Good things come in unexpected $500 chunks? I recently won $500 off the Mobicow + AffiliateFix contest and I am thrilled about it. The best was that I didn't even know that my follow along thread was entered into the draw. Here's the contest link: Win $500 Every Month! (Sponsored by Mobicow) |...
  4. Cazzius

    Airpush huge clicks discrepancy, is it normal?

    I started my first campaign to test how everything works, stop at 10$ bid. These are the stats: Airpush - 3,330 impressions - 340 clicks TrackingDesk Tracker - 196 visits Shark Games CPA/CPI - 105 clicks Spent 10.20$ and got 1 conversion (2$) (stopped the campaign in airpush cause i read it...
  5. Cazzius

    Dispply + Airpush + TrackingDesk

    Hello guys, could i have some help setting everything up with TrackingDesk tracker (if anyone using it) i tried it but it doesn't seem getting data from Dispply. These are the settings of TrackingDesk Predefined Publisher: Airpush Pixel link: Advertiser...