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    What You Should Know About mVas Offers

    Our smartphones follow us everywhere: we have bank apps, our music apps and online libraries, food delivery and social media all in one place. We surf the internet on our smartphones. Which presupposes we also buy things with our smartphones and subscribe to various services to make our lives...
  2. M


    Can anyone help me with blacklisting particular zoneid/websiteid. For eg. when to blacklist after how many click or after how much spending?
  3. B

    Need Urgent help with ads bridg's tracking !!

    Hello I have an urgent problem so please i need help !! i create 5 landing pages all of them for the same offer so basicly i create an offer and 5 landing pages . after that i created a campaign and add the five LP and the offer . they gave me tha campaign link . when i click on it each time it...
  4. Farazdaq

    Clicks and conversions discrepancy

    Hello, What could be the reason behind difference in clicks as on my platform clicks are different and on my advertiser's platform clicks are different And also i have faced this issue with conversions too at our platform conversions are different and at advertiser's platform conversions are...
  5. scroogefrog

    Adwords with autoban

    Adwords with autoban Ban bots and fraud clicks automatically for 0,02 $ per one unique visitor! Make free registartion on our website. Choose from services module Adwords with autoban and you will recieve datail analyze of your traffic with free autoban of bots/frauds/fake clicks Reduce click...
  6. Traste

    How do trackers count clicks on CPM campaigns?

    Hi, Newbie here. I did search a lot and couldn't find anything about how trackers count clicks. I'm using Adsbridge free plan, since I don't get many clicks yet (still testing). I see their basic plan covers 100.000 visits/month, but I'm not sure about how they count visits. I'm about to run a...
  7. Cazzius

    Airpush always tons of clicks, zero conversions

    Why everytime i try a campaign in Airpush, it gets 2000/3000 clicks and ZERO or max 1 conversion? How's that possible? There is no logic in this, 2000/3000 people click and go to the playstore and NO ONE download/install the game or app for a second? Tried it with various games/apps, various...
  8. Cazzius

    Airpush huge clicks discrepancy, is it normal?

    I started my first campaign to test how everything works, stop at 10$ bid. These are the stats: Airpush - 3,330 impressions - 340 clicks TrackingDesk Tracker - 196 visits Shark Games CPA/CPI - 105 clicks Spent 10.20$ and got 1 conversion (2$) (stopped the campaign in airpush cause i read it...