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  1. UltraOne

    What would you do if the Internet world shuts down for a whole week?

    Im actually worried on What would happen if it were to shut down the web for a week or 2?
  2. UltraOne

    Any advice on how to Upgrade from a VPS to a dedicated server without changing the name of the server ?

    I'm concerned about the potential for downtime when switching from VPS hosting to dedicated server. I contacted several support teams and they all said that I would need to change the nameservers, which would cause a brief period of downtime. Does anyone know of any hosting providers that offer...
  3. jowel

    Announcement Free VPS for every new user

    Don't pay unnecessarily for your current VPS and get a VPS from us for free! Take advantage of this time-limited offer. This is an ideal solution for Linux and Mac users, but also for those who want to have Nifty Stats available anytime. With the purchase of a new Nifty Stats license, you will...
  4. Grunger

    I'm worried about fraud

    I am an advertiser and I place offers in various affiliate programs and ad networks. More and more I come across fake registrations. Do affiliate marketers use VPS / VDS? They use virtual computers for new registrations for which I pay money? Why do affiliate programs and their fraud tracking...
  5. Aditya007

    [GET] Free VPS for 1 year

    Hello everyone, Atlantic is offering 1 year of free VPS (Virtual private server) with the following specs: Plan name: G2.1GB 1GB RAM 1 vCPU 40GB SSD Space 3 TB Bandwidth Some important points: Location: The server location can be US/UK/CA, one should choose the location, most of their...
  6. Taras Talimonchuk

    Looking for a marketing partners to promote my VPS service

    Hi, community, I'm doing digital since 2009th. But there're was no a deep dive into affiliate marketing. In 2019th I with my old fellow co-founded - the virtual server seller. We did all the best to provide an excellent service with the best in breed VPS performance. * Some...
  7. TheMDM

    Better hosting solution for a beginner?

    What are the pros/cons of using a managed VPS like Cloudways vs a landing page maker like Landerbolt? Also are there any other players besides those 2 brands that I should consider? I'm a novice starting with push traffic and may do pop as well. Thanks in advance
  8. Blicktor

    Hosting solutions

    I'm having a little trouble working out a plan for hosting I'm confused between setting up a cloud solution or setting up a dedicated server/vps I don't know which one would be better for media buying as well as using binom (tracker) Any help would be appreciated
  9. K.O

    Hi all, I am K.O and I'm an Eager to learn Newbie.

    As a newbie trying to start CPA Marketing, do I really need a VPS hosting?
  10. Yassine11

    What is the best vps provider ?

    hi, can you please tell me the best vps provider to run my instagram bot on ? thanks.
  11. alvin_raj

    is shared hosting good option for 15 - 20k visitors daily

    I'm in plan to take shared server hosting from hostgator and need suggestions upon my needs. So far i've been managing two of my client websites in single domain hosting (economy hosting) for each website on godaddy , and now its time up to renew and has become more burden on my budget. I...
  12. alvin_raj

    Want to know basics when choosing VPS or Dedicated hostings

    Dear forum members, I only have experience hosting websites on shared accounts. Though I am bit familiar with DNS pointing, addon domains, resource specifications (CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, etc.). But i'm not familiar with VPS and the Dedicated hosting site offerings, I don't really know when to...
  13. B

    Hello i need help please if you could ?

    Hello Guyes please anyone who could help please please ! i need 30$ to buy a bluehost vps hosting , you can buy it for me no problem but anyone who could help i'll be verry grathfulle for him. sorry about my english. i repeat guyes if anyone could help in any way even a 0.01$ i'll be verry...
  14. B

    Urgent help need please ! vps problem !

    Hello Even thought i've installed (cpanel/whm 64 bit) os in my vps but when i try to access the cpanel page, it doesn't load !!!
  15. A

    Super fast Wordpress hosting for $5/month

    Hi - I found a great way to load Wordpress onto a site for as little as $5/month. I had it working on my server, and it is fast. The added bonus is that you dont need to spend ages configuring a VPS as well :) However, you will need a bit of server knowledge to get this running. 1. Goto...
  16. 666hosting

    Hello Everybody!

    Hey, 666hosting here. We offer premium hosting plans and would love to provide our service to this forum. Nice to meet you all! -666Hosting.
  17. R

    Question regarding server/tracking

    Hello, I'm in the process of getting into mobile marketing and have a question regarding my server/tracking. I'm undecided whether to go with a self-hosted tracking solution or one in the cloud. I plan on hosting my landing pages on a CDN so that's covered. If I'm able to get a VPS in the...
  18. simonbrep

    Announcement SSD VPS Hosting Solutions Only $5/month

    Affordable VPS Hosting Made Simple SSD Servers from as little as $5/month. Instantly Provisioned and Now Available Root Access Ultra Performance Guaranteed Server Resources Multi-Account Management Instant Provisioning!
  19. Olagoke Tobi Enoch

    Urgent!!! What's the Use of VPS, Tracker and Verticals in Affiliate Marketing?

    Hello FIX'ers. @TJ Tutor recently set immediate goals for a new member of the forum - he is also new to Affiliate Marketing. The goals included 1. Get a VPS. 2. Get a Vertical. 3. Get a Tracker 4. Get a Traffic Source. My question goes thus. Why do I need to achieve goals 1-3? What are the...
  20. vidb

    How good is A Small Orange Cloud VPS Hosting for Mobile LPs?

    Hi, Has anyone experienced A Small Orange Could VPS for their Mobile offer LPs? Thanks