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Urgent help need please ! vps problem !


Even thought i've installed (cpanel/whm 64 bit) os in my vps but when i try to access the cpanel page, it doesn't load !!!


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Your host its slow answering and this its not good maybe have some patience or try another host if you see they dont care
I agree with TJ. You need a better host with better support!

For the actual error you're getting, "Connection Refused" usually means that nothing is actively listening on that port.
1) Check to make sure cPanel is on and listening to the port. You can do this with this command (as root):
# netstat -ltpn
2) Check to make sure your firewall isn't blocking the port. You can check your firewall rules with this command (as root):
# iptables -L

Hope this helps!
Both of TJ's points are what I would have answered.

1.) If you are paying for a service, use their support when something is not working correctly.
2.) If they are unable to provide support, migrate to a new provider.

Without having access to their system, it's nearly impossible to answer support questions when expected behavior is not occurring.