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  1. M

    What I am doing wrong?

    I work with one of LosPollos offers, casual dating, with my own pre landing pages, my ad manager richads that I work with, with push ads ordered for me 6 creations looking like messages from women, the user gets to the landing page where there is the same woman as on the creation and after...
  2. A.A. Qureshi

    Moz Bar Not Working

    I have been recently facing a problem with the Moz bar. I used it as a tool for knowing PA and DA, well most of you have been using it for the same purpose. But recently it is not showing me any value for the metric, does anyone know the reason behind this?
  3. TravelingAffiliate

    Support Google Ads Not Approved - Malicious or Malware Activity

    Hey guys. So I have a very frustrating problem. I am building a website, a very simple one. I mainly use him to create landing pages for different offers. Recently I have tried to set up a Google Ads for it. By my ads got disapproved because: Malicious, Malware or unwanted activity. I...
  4. Lina2310

    How to fix Pinterest?

    Pinterest does not download pictures I have already reinstalled the OS - it did not help. Sometimes I go and everything shows, but more often nothing. What could be the problem?
  5. B

    Urgent help need please ! vps problem !

    Hello Even thought i've installed (cpanel/whm 64 bit) os in my vps but when i try to access the cpanel page, it doesn't load !!!
  6. scroogefrog

    Registration problem

    Hi! I have such problem ( I have a lot of target traffic on my web site , but very low rate of registrations). And I don't know what is the problem. May be somebody can help me to find a problem. I will be grateful for your help
  7. W

    My landers get 0 clicks

    Hi, I am new to this forum so hello everyone. I am in the bussiness for about 2 months. I am focused on mobile pops. I use Adsbridge for tracking. And I come here with a problem like this: I discovered lately that most of my landing pages that I create myself in Adobe Muse or that I rip from spy...
  8. C

    Tracking problem with Adwords and Affiliate Networks

    Hi, I'd began work with US and Europe affiliate networks. Generally I'm working with CIS affiliate networks. And at once I faced with problem with Adwords and affiliate networks. I run traffic on mobile app. What I do: 1) I create campaign on mobile apps on Adwords 2) When I create creatives I...
  9. miximo

    Follow Liker Stay Work !!

    Hi everyone, i want to bought Follow Liker IG but I found people had problems with the blocking of accounts , so i want to now if follow liker stay work with instagram , and what is the best setting for fresh account IG , because i want to use it in cpa offers , thank you ( sorry for my bad...
  10. Crisvendetta

    Ogads Content Locker Problem

    I have been using mainly CPAGRIp for my content locker and I am trying OGads to compare payouts. I have a problem with the locker on Ogads, it does not work as intended. I always put the locker to be onclick , what I do is put between the <head> tag the code <script type="text/javascript"...