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  1. UltraOne

    What is the price range or reasonable price for web hosting services ?

    I am worried about finding the right price for my web hosting packages and services. I want to make sure that I am not undercharging or overcharging my customers. I am also wondering what would be a good package to offer them. Would it be better to include more or less webpages in the package...
  2. Streamsb

    Hi everybody.

    I am a new member looking forward to helping and sharing here, thanks
  3. vincentvega

    Easy static website hosting

    Hello, this forum has been a great resource for me. I have learnt a lot already. The focus of my background is not affiliate marketing but I would like to share how I am currently hosting my websites while I work on getting them profitable. Technical knowledge is required so this option is not...
  4. TWeb

    Affordable fast Hosting for Affiliate-promotion in different countries

    Hi Guys, newbie question: I am looking for an affordable but good and fast hosting for landingpages. I checked Vultr and digital ocean. Unfortunately they don’t have servers in some interesting countries like Africa, Indonesia and some others I would like to promote products. What are you doing...
  5. kalagangs

    Should i upgrade my Hosting?

    Hey Guys, i already made $300 with OGads incentive CPA on Infinityfree Hosting. Now i'm wondering if i should upgrade my Hosting plan to namecheap Stellar Plus to increase speed + ssl certificate. What do you guys think and where do you host your Landing pages?
  6. Zura

    [Totally Newbie] Domains, Landing Pages and Hostings

    Dear all, Currently I am trying to solve all technical topics in my head before creating my first campaign since I am beginner in these tech stuff :( I need to get separate domains for each of my campaigns, and create new subdomains for my different landers/offers etc in each campaign...
  7. T

    Traffic for Hosting?

    Hello everyone, I have seen most of the persons are promoting the hosting campaigns. Can anyone please suggest how to get traffic to promote hosting?
  8. kderow

    Host PHP Based Landing Page on AWS

    Hello everyone! So right now I have my static websites hosted on AWS (Route 53 > Cloudfront > S3) and it works pretty well. Now I have some other landing pages that require PHP and I would need to host them too, but it's impossible without an EC2 instance. So I would like to know your opinion...
  9. BonesawMcGraw

    Domain hosting

    Hi all, Is domain hosting necessarily required if you're running only one campaign at a time? I guess I don't understand the need for domain hosting if the landing page company I use(landingi) handles all traffic to my landing pages. I'm sure I'm way off base and that's why I'm asking the...
  10. Blicktor

    Hosting solutions

    I'm having a little trouble working out a plan for hosting I'm confused between setting up a cloud solution or setting up a dedicated server/vps I don't know which one would be better for media buying as well as using binom (tracker) Any help would be appreciated
  11. Jstmore

    Hostgator still as good as before?

    Hey guys, When I started out in Affiliate marketing (about July 2016 I think) I went for godaddy. This didn't last long. Maybe just a personal opinion but I couldn't handle the interface and many other issues. Then I went for bluehost and actually quite enjoyed it. However I always stuck (and...
  12. Axel_inferno09

    Help with deciding hosting

    Hello, i just found this hosting, and i'm thinking of using it to host my websites. However, i haven't found any reviews yet so if anyone has used it please give honest reviews whether i should go for it or not.. and i contacted their support, they seem to have their own konsoleH instead of...
  13. Fabius_N

    which hosting + CDN to choose for two Landing Page

    Hi guys, For two Landing Page, which hosting and CDN choose for the first from 1k/day traffic and the second from 40k/day traffic? For example, I have always used dedicated servers on SiteGround + CloudFlare...
  14. HW_Veronica

    Affiliates Wanted Work With Award-Winning Hosting & Earn Industry Leading Commissions!

    Hello! My name is Veronica (Obviously ;)). I work with Hostwinds and I'd like to personally introduce you to and welcome you to join our affiliate program. Hostwinds offers one of the highest commissions in the industry (Up to $135/sale) and we have an intense focus on customer happiness. So...
  15. HW_Veronica

    Hello from Hostwinds (And Me!)

    My name is Veronica and I work with the Hostwinds Affiliate Team. We’re happy to be here and excited about sharing both our hosting services and affiliate program with anyone who may be interested. Whether you’re just starting out and need basic hosting for a new site or you run dozens of high...
  16. VPSnet

    Long time reader - Happy to join!

    Greetings everyone, As the member of growing hosting company, i finally decided to join and share our offers, knowledge & experience with AffiliateFix community. I am hoping to meet new people, improve seo skill & learn new things in marketing section. Regards Mike VPSnet
  17. mohamed deyane

    Mobile lander hosting

    know sameone what is the best provider where i could host my mobile landingpage for faster loading time
  18. M

    How to fix connection 110 timeout eror

    Hi, I am using Godaddy hosting. Currently, i am on an ultimate hosting plan which is one of the premium hosting plans from the Godaddy. But my website WordPress dashboard opens up really slow and sometimes it shows error 110. Please can anybody provide me fix my website link is
  19. thehustler

    Cheap Hosting for Blog?

    Hi, I need recommendation on hosting for my wordpress blog. A bit tight on startup fund. I looked at 1&1 and they are giving 1 year of hosting + Free Domain + Free WHOIS for $11.88 and GoDaddy is giving me FREE Domain + Economy Linux cPanel Hosting + Domain privacy for approx $26 USD via a...
  20. A

    Publishers needed for hosting program

    Hi I'm looking for publisher to join our affiliate program. We offer hosting services on UK based servers. You can earn 50% commission on your referrals. As an affiliate manger I'll be happy to help you with all your questions or suggestions. Sign up here: affiliate and partner program of...