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  1. vincaslt

    Seeking Help What tools do you use for keyword ranking tracking?

    Guys, do you track keyword rankings (your own sites or competition)? What tool do you use to track them? How many keywords do you track? For what purpose? I'd appreciate your input immensely I'm a software developer, and I've recently started building a keyword tracking tool for affiliate...
  2. Zeydoo

    Guide Working with Smartlink: how it works and gets your profit

    Is working with a smartlink as beneficial as they say? When should you use a smartlink and when - a direct link? How does smartlink optimization work? How much money do you need for tests? Today the Zeydoo team will answer all the questions concerning the Smartlink technology that worry every...
  3. B

    Looking for Quiz creating tools

    Hey there! I am going to organize an entertaining little quiz for my site users that will help me get shares from them. Do you have a handy service that has no built-in ads?
  4. Julia Postoplan

    Software for Affiliate managers

    In your opinion, what actions of an affiliate manager can be automated? We have developed a marketing and social media automation tool and we want to make it as useful as possible for affiliate managers. What actions do you perform every day, and which ones can be automated?
  5. Johnathanji

    Affiliate marketing tool

    What kind of tools you use for affiliate marketing.
  6. Honeybadger

    Top 20 Tools for Affiliate Marketing [2021]

    20 most important tools I'm using for affiliate marketing in 2021 Using the dictionary definition of 'tools' What are yours? Google Search Google Drive Google Analytics Google Search Console Google Calendar Google Trends Bing Webmaster Tools Affiliate Fix :affiliatefix: Ubersuggest Amazon...
  7. Honeybadger

    Where are the tools threads?

    I cannot seem to find the threads about best web tools people use in affiliate marketing? There were 2 that I remember, but couldn't find them in search TY
  8. StatusCakeAffiliates

    Affiliates Wanted Affiliates Wanted To Promote Software Services 30% Lifetime Commission

    Looking for affiliates from any geos to join and earn 30% Lifetime Commission.
  9. Findbuytool

    How to get started?

    Hi there, I'm new to affiliate program and just post my first campaign, I'm starting with a small affiliate network. Where should I get publishers to join my campaign, I've found there's not so many publishers promote power tools.
  10. Ana Tavares

    Are you using UAL to improve ROI in push campaigns?

    Do you know how to use the User Activity Level ❓ The UAL is a tool you should always consider using to get the best results on your push notifications campaigns. Why? Because the UAL allows you to target the "age" of the users, which is strongly related to engagement and therefore has a...
  11. CSB

    Tool Recommendations ?? (Kartra|Clickfunnels|Systeme etc)

    Hi all I'd like your advice on putting together a low-cost but effective "toolkit". I'm not new to the business world, but I am new to affiliate marketing (and this forum), and am amazed at how many options are out there. Since my plan is to put together minisites and use them to build lists...
  12. macjper

    Macjper from Texas. A noobie.

    Hi, here from Texas. I'm just starting my quest for greatness in the world of affiliate marketing. Any and all tools, tips and tricks are welcomed. I'm happy to have joined a talented group of people in this community. Thank you for accepting me in your group.
  13. A.A. Qureshi

    Are SEO Tools Accurate?

    After having participated in many forum discussions, I have been constantly asked this question are SEO tools accurate? There are much plenty of free and premium tools available in the market like SEMRush, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, and many more. They all use different metrics to showcase your all...
  14. webDOMinator

    Spintax Calculator and Tester

    Hey guys, it's been awhile. I'm coming to you today with something to help the community. A spintax combination counter and tester. It is very often that I need a tool like this and unfortunately Google only comes back with a list of results that... doesn't satisfy. Literally I am amazed and...
  15. A

    Hello Fellow affiliate marketer. I am Samuel am a new member on this platform

    I will like to know guys which app his the best for social media marketing. Your answers will really helpful
  16. Hannah098

    What's your favorite tool for LinkedIn management?

    As a B2G sales spec, I know how it is hard to manage your LinkedIn connections and conversations. Does there any great tools to do that? What's your favorite?
  17. René Wagner

    I think there no way to win in CPA

    I do not want to make anyone sad, but is it possible that only the big fishs in the game make money? Just For example, the people who promote adplexity or the founders of AdPlexity itsefls. Just imagine that this entire industry was just invented so we spend money on their tools. I have heard...
  18. Phuong

    Best Landing Page Tool For Mobile CPA

    Hi all member, i've joined Cpa for 3 months. Run few campaigns only direct link. So that cost me so much money but no result. I use pop traffic and do Mobile offers (sweeptakes and easy offers with low pay outs) but no result. I can't code so i need some recommend about landing page maker tool...
  19. René Wagner

    Free Tracking Tools?

    Hi guys, Im a newbie in CPA-Marketing and i have a question, are there any tracking tools, wich are for free? I dont want to pay for tools in the begining. Im happy for every answer. Thanks alot. (Sorry for my bad english im from germany)
  20. F

    newbie to this forum

    What's up guys? Newbie to this forum, looking to enjoy this forum. Just looking for any new tools in this game. Any new tools anyone is currently testing that's promising? Thanks!