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  1. CPA.Stdnt

    Follow and know the best way to improve conversation rates in landing page

    We all know landing pages are one of the hotkey to earning profits. Right? And landing page is the most important part of every business, its work like the salesperson. That will convert into sales and leads. The highest the conversation rate your page gets, the more cash you will make from...
  2. jtbiz

    1st Test on Offer

    Hi guys, I'm running a Mobile Voucher Offer and have done an initial test of 3 Landing Pages. Here is the data: LP1: 4,268 Visits, 15 Clicks, .35% CTR, 0 Conversions, Page load time = 1.2 sec LP2: 4,180 Visits, 15 Clicks, .36% CTR, 2 Conversions, Page load time = 1.3 sec LP3: 4,211 Visits...
  3. T

    Is humor a good idea?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering what people thought about using humor on landing pages. Do you think they can help conversions or drive people away? Personally, I appreciate someone who's clever but I know humor can turn some people off. Any thoughts?
  4. T

    About me -- Ted C.

    Hi everybody, My name's Ted and I'm pretty new to affiliate marketing. I live in Asia although I'm originally from California. I run two sites which I recently started. Like I said, I'm new to affiliate marketing and no doubt will ask some questions which may be common knowledge to...
  5. jims45

    Hosting Landing Pages

    Started my internet marketing journey three years ago I have gained a great deal of knowledge but still learning. I now design and host my own landing pages but recently I had a thought, does Google index these pages and if so how do we prevent that? Maybe I am missing something obvious but as I...
  6. thesocr420

    Journey to 1000$ per day! [Social Media]

    hey welcome to my journey! Background: Used to earn a lot from french and german sweepstakes offers! I can say that is my speciality! Invested and learned a lot on getting cheap facebook clicks, getting HIGH CR, specific landing page designs that work for my niche. I used to earn WAY over that...
  7. Afitgirl

    Can you use a shortner for a bing/yahoo ad?

    I would like to promote a couple of email submits to generate some clicks and conversions. Would like to get started fast, is it ok to direct link to a one-page email submit?
  8. stephx

    Notepad ++ plugins to make landing page Mobile responsive ?

    Hi Guys; Anybody knows a notepad++ plugin that helps create mobile responsive landing pages?
  9. Bloody Tourist

    FREE (mobile) landing page builder

    FREE (mobile) landing page builder Hey ninja's, just came across this little gem: Landing Page Builder Mobirise Mobile Website Builder It's a great offline, visual, drag & drop Bootstrap builder. Absolutely no coding skills required and best of all... totally free! Great to crank out...
  10. TheFennex

    Domain name for my Landing Pages

    Hi, I'm buying a VPS server to host my Landing pages, And I'm wondering if the domain name quality can affect the conversions rate? Should I go for a "Brandable" name, so I can use it as a fancy company website Or just some keyword stuffing domain name? Any thoughts of what keyword should I...
  11. ryan333r

    Starting CPA with low budget. HOW ?

    I am a college student with limited funds. I did a lot of research work on CPA marketing and finally started. I can make a maximum investment of $100 per month. I read a lot about targeting the mobile devices more rather than PCs, using various paid traffic sources and landing page innovations...
  12. ryan333r

    Starting CPA with low budget

    I am a college student with limited funds. I did a lot of research work on CPA marketing and finally started. I can make a maximum investment of $100 per month. I read a lot about targeting the mobile devices more rather than PCs, using various paid traffic sources and landing page...
  13. incisiv3

    CPA & Landing Pages

    Anyone able to voice their opinion on landing page systems for CPA offers? I'm looking for something that (preferably) just generate standard HTML, I'm open to the idea of running WordPress, but part of me feels it's a little overcomplicated for basic CPA promotion, but I'm open to it if...
  14. raynoldclare

    The most newbie-friendly landing page tool

    I'm very new to CPA marketing. At the moment, I only run offers that have pre-hosted landings and also direct-linking. I know I need to learn to create my own landers to make it in this CPA marketing industry. Really appreciate it if members of AffiliateFix can give suggestions on what are the...
  15. CashflowChase

    My Affiliate Network Set Up.

    I've been following the requirements to start up in affiliate network. I rather start with mobile affiliate networking. 1. Got Accepted into MoreNiche, CheetahMediaLink(Mobile),Paydot 2. Bought a Domain at for dirtcheap might not be the best for getting a domain name. I can register...
  16. anhtt265

    HTML Landing page templates and Wordpress

    - If I select a general domain: Each offer I will use a page: (URL_1) (URL_2) - I'm going to edit HTML template files and use them as landing pages for offers. Can I use like this on wordpress site? I try to search google but still haven't...
  17. Z

    I want some landing pages?

    Hello, I want some landing pages about mobile games offers? Can us provide me with some examples if possible ?
  18. Nasir Uddin

    Who Is The Best Landing Page Service provider these days?

    Dear AffiliateFixers, Any recommendations about LP Makers who are professional, faster and affordable? I am looking to build some Mobile LPs. Thanks in advance.