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Starting CPA with low budget. HOW ?

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by ryan333r, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. ryan333r

    ryan333r Affiliate affiliate

    I am a college student with limited funds. I did a lot of research work on CPA marketing and finally started. I can make a maximum investment of $100 per month.

    I read a lot about targeting the mobile devices more rather than PCs, using various paid traffic sources and landing page innovations. So, according to the current market scenario how should I proceed ? I mean, should I go for web and mobile both or anything in particular?

    Now considering the paid traffic sources, most of them require a min deposit of $100, so in this case- Are there any other traffic sources from where I can buy some cheap traffic that could be worthy apart from social media traffic?

    Also, I am not a good developer, so how to build the landing pages, is there any free tools available or do I need to spend on a developer?

    Presently I am promoting sweepstakes offers, gaming offers and surveys through social media traffic.

    What can you suggest me that can help me to make it better, I am a newbie and I am not expecting $10k a month but at least $500 with an investment of $100.
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  2. newbidder
  3. Dispply

    Dispply Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Welcome on the board!

    Please feel free to ask any question. And if you're searching for trustful CPI network, just ping me!

    1) Try starting with pop/redirect traffic. They are mostly cheap.
    2) Try wordpress/wix

    If you're promoting CPI games, we can offer free landing page hosting.
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  4. FrankZ

    FrankZ Affiliate affiliate

    Hello I am in the same situation as the guy above, I´m a student too.
    Please tell me more about your net.
    If you like you can add me on skype : Frank Z
    Please man.
    Best regards

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