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  1. RichAds

    RichAds UPDATES Thread: Stay Tuned to know more!

    Hi, everyone! In this thread, we are going to tell you about important updates, features, and news that will help you to be more productive with your PUSH & POPUNDER campaigns Be the first to know more about RichAds.
  2. RichAds

    Official RichAds Birthday Offer: Spend $200, get $200 + Amazon Gift Cards Giveaway!

    RichAds is 3 years old: It's Time to Celebrate We are giving cool bonuses to new and current clients! Spend $200 get $200: for new users who are going to make their first deposits and for already registered users who haven't been spending for at least 30 days. 5 steps to get your bonus: 1...
  3. Galaksion Ad Network

    Review Only ON-PAGE left alive?

    Not so long ago, we told you that push is still on top. However, to get the most out of the offer, you need to test other formats too using different settings and targets. An excellent addition to push campaigns will be On-Page Notification. Initially, On-Page was conceived as insurance...
  4. Ana1988

    New adult affiliate program- Cherrycash

    Hi Guys, My name is Ana, I am Affiliate manager at Cherrycash the affiliate program for a new cam site we launched two weeks ago! We are looking for new partners to send us traffic, CPL, CPA or revshare deals- We are already working with a lot of ad networks but we are looking for...
  5. Galaksion Ad Network

    Announcement Galaksion BIRTHDAY: gifts unpacking

    1.6 billion years... That's how old our company would be if we were counting in galactic years And if you count in the earth ones, Galaksion celebrates 7 years of successful work today Despite all the difficulties, the past year turned out to be truly cosmic: we grew, introduced new ideas...
  6. PaidPoints

    How To Find USA Traffic?

    Please what are your suggestions on how to find USA traffic? especially free traffic.
  7. Galaksion Ad Network

    Official Space roi to everyone!

    and Hi there! This is exactly what the Galaksion advertising network always wishes to our advertisers, webmasters, and to all the Affiliatefix Forum users! Over the past 7 years, we have successfully developed, increased the volume of direct traffic from more than 160 GEOs, collaborated...
  8. A

    popunder traffic sources withot bot and convert

    Hey all, i am looking for popunder traffic sources withot bot and convert for mainstream offer I have tried propellerads and popads and popcash They were all containing bots and iframs , which caused me a great loss, the percentage of visits that appeared in the statistics was 50% less...
  9. Galaksion Ad Network

    Galaksion Advertising Network

    Galaksion is an International Advertising Network that sells traffic received directly from webmasters. We do not work with resellers and can guarantee high quality due to a proprietary anti-fraud system and solid traffic quality assurance standards. Pump your profit with CPA pricing model and...
  10. S

    How Long Should it Take to Get Traffic?

    A lot of people give up on promoting a website before they ever reach their full potential. There seems to be something of a mistaken belief that we should be able to create a new website, fill it with content and then start making a full-time income in a matter of months. This is not the case...
  11. VivaClicks

    Ask Me Anything Good traffic for a good CPM

    Hi, I am Alex from which can help you to reach your ROI goals. We have traffic globally in POP, Banner, Native where we can target audience with your ads directly to their mobile or desktop. Our traffic sources are direct and we work on various pricing models like CPM, CPC. We...
  12. softshop

    organic traffic vs paid traffic

    hello which one is better organic traffic vs paid traffic thanks
  13. TrafficStars


    Did you know that OnlyFans boomed in popularity during the pandemic? A spokeswoman for OnlyFans told Guardian Australia there are more than 1 million creators worldwide, 85 million registered users, and it paid out more than US$2bn ($2.7bn) globally in 2020. The site, which has boomed in...
  14. Rial4s

    Offer Wanted Products for US lottery traffic

    I have quality US traffic for the lottery vertical: win lottery/secrets for winning the lottery/etc... Currently I'm sending this traffic to Clickbank's product. Not satisfied with the funnel and CB's refund policy. Could you suggest to me any products?
  15. Afaq Ahmed

    How to Promote Smartlinks?

    Hello everyone, I am new to CPA marketing, there's a question for some experienced affiliates, How can i promote smartlink offers? Can i Use traffic for Smartlink promotion? What's the best network for smartlinks which pay you for all the conversions? (I heard that many networks...
  16. Mr Akhtar

    Ask Me Anything Tinder Traffic

    Hi, I am generating Tinder Usa Geo Hot traffic in my office setup perday 2k+ Tinder from driving Snapchat, but cant convert so please any can help me for good convert way or leads sell please....
  17. dusanandrle

    Real traffic sources

    Hey all, i am looking for new trafic sources (Facebook, AdSense etc. we have ... I'm looking for another way) for my projects. I've found many sources where to buy traffic, but also many bad reviews. I have a few selected sources that interested me, can I know your opinions? Real traffic, will...
  18. Honeybadger

    Will TikTok Convert in 2021?

    I am making detail plan for 2021 & looking for new traffic source (because Google organic hit & miss) for my affiliate fashion website portfolio, so does TikTok convert in a good ROI? I heard TikTok ads it's cheaper than FB ads, but what did you get ROI?
  19. M

    what is the best traffic software?

    Being a newbie, it is difficult to reach out to people. I heard that Traffic Zion is a very good traffic generator, however, it only works with WordPress. I am using GroovePages and I do not want to use WordPress for this. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thank you in advance.
  20. Ana Tavares

    Hi AffiliateFix! Ana from TRAFFIC NOMADS Ad Network!

    Hi AffiliateFix community! I have just joined AffiliateFix and I am truly excited to understand how this forum works and how Traffic Nomads can create value for those working in the affiliate industry. Get in touch if you have any questions about Traffic Nomads - a new self-service ad network...