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  1. nasterkreed

    Selling Traffic Plaxy Media - adult and mainstream dating traffic for sale CPC with email passing

    Hey guys, Plaxy.Media is offering high quality adult and mainstream dating traffic for sale by CPC model, we are specifically focused on email passing which means in each click we can pass user's email into the parameter of your URL. We have email, push and members area traffic available Email...

    Looking for Adult and dating offers

    Hello Advertiser. I have my own traffic source. My Traffic source is SEO with my Own Website. Also I have paid traffic. I have Push, in-page Push, Banner traffic too. If you have well converting and good Payout Adult and dating offers then fell free to contact with me. I'm ready to promote...
  3. OnClickA Ad Network

    Official OnClickA Traffic + Zeydoo Offers = Profit!

    We’ve prepared exclusive recommendations to help you achieve super profitable campaigns with Zeydoo offers using high-quality traffic from OnClickA. Check out our specially crafted recommendation cards featuring the best Zeydoo offers, combined with high-quality OnClickA traffic. These cards...
  4. HilltopAds

    Achieving $2,000 to $3,000 monthly: a publisher's success story with HilltopAds' Popunder and VAST Video Ads

    We are excited to present a new practical case where one of our active publishers shares his experience working with the HilltopAds platform. In this short interview, he explains how he uses our platform to monetize a non-mainstream video site, shares his impressions of interacting with the top...
  5. Mondiad

    Guide All about sweepstakes advertising!

    Hey peeps, you like gifts, right? :affiliatefix: Picture this – the thrill of entering a contest, the anticipation of a draw, and the exhilaration of claiming a grand prize. Imagine a prize can be yours with just a click of a button. Amazing, right? People will participate in contests hoping...
  6. B

    A bit of advice about a good traffic source for adult traffic

    Hello, as the tile says I need some head up to choose a traffic source for adult cam traffic. I was setting up a campaign with Propeller Ads when I remember that it is a good thing to always read terms of service before starting :D And yes, they don't want adult content!!! Galaksion is the...
  7. B

    New adult OF account seeking traffic

    can you recommend a company that increases traffic to an adult Onlyfans page?
  8. Galaksion Ad Network

    Case Study Tested gateway to Popunder profit! $665 lazy monthly gain with Survey & Sweepstakes offers

    We know the endless trial & effort when it comes to finding an actual profit-driving bundle. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide you with a ready-to-use solution for all your Popunder needs! We’ve got you covered with a reliable ecosystem of Zeydoo offers that can engage your...
  9. Gala

    Case Study Unveiling the Secret to $11,000+ Profit with Popunder Ads to Boost iGaming Conversions!

    Wondering how to skyrocket your iGaming conversions? Look no further! One of our latest case studies dives into the top strategies that led to an impressive increase in iGaming conversions. From optimizing ad placements to strategic bid customization, discover the secrets behind this remarkable...
  10. Gala

    Guide iGaming Ads: Introducing a Powerful Marketing Strategy for the New Season

    iGaming ads have become extremely popular and claimed a special place in digital marketing in the past decade. Of course, Adsterra couldn’t stay away from this. That's why we have prepared a detailed and motivating guide for you, from one of our brightest sports encouragers and analysts, Mikhail...
  11. Gala

    Guide Navigating iGaming Marketing Pitfalls: Top Strategies to Avoid Common Mistakes

    Avoiding mistakes and improving your iGaming campaigns are important steps towards success and maximizing profits. So we've created a guide featuring an impactful checklist of common iGaming marketing mistakes. Whether venturing into a new market or seeking to attract fresh players from...
  12. Galaksion Ad Network

    Case Study Earn 65,47% ROI on Cryptomania Offer with Galaksion Popunder: Case Study

    Do you think popunders are cheap and ineffective in 2024? Cryptomania offer from Zeydoo and Galaksion traffic prove the opposite, with $2 957 in revenue. Follow this article to take the ready-to-use instruction: a case study to start earning right now and bonuses from Zeydoo and Galaksion at...
  13. Gala

    Case Study: Promoting iGaming Offers in Portugal Yielding $3,221 Profit

    Affiliates frequently maintain secrecy around their advertising strategies. While various tools and tactics for crafting ad creatives are accessible, only the most audacious professionals are willing to disclose their complete strategy. Fortunately, we've stumbled upon one such case study. It...
  14. YeezyPay

    Growing Trend: How to Make the Most of Google Ads Voice Search Traffic

    Every year, more and more people are using voice queries to search for information on the internet. Google Ads, which is known as one of the most powerful advertising platforms, allows advertisers, affiliate marketers, and media buyers to adapt their advertising campaigns to this growing trend...
  15. adcash_team

    Traffic Opportunities - March Sports Calendars & Tips

    March is gonna be buzzing with sports events worldwide, with favorities like F1, MotoGP, and NCAA March Madness coming right up! Check out our Key Dates Calendar, alongside with some helpful advertising tips Tips Top Performing Ad Formats ➡️ Pop-Under, Interstitial and In-Page-Push Prime...
  16. Gala

    Hot Cashback for Advertisers During Adsterra Sports Marathon!

    Adsterra Sports Marathon!;) Good morning, winter dwellers! Shake off the frost and get ready to ignite the competition with Adsterra's Sports Marathon! :cool: Prepare to sweat it out and pocket some serious cashback – up to a staggering $500 – by driving traffic from selected GEOs! As February...
  17. A

    Beginner in the financial vertical

    Hello! Hope you're all doing well. I've been diving into the affiliate marketing world for about two months now, mainly focusing on financial and payday loan offers. My source is FB, I run traffic to the prelander, constructed in my aff network, with a set of Philippine offers. Is there anyone...
  18. OnClickA Ad Network

    Official How to work with AI

    Every second brings its unique contribution to the future of humanity. Each of us thinks about incredible opportunities in the future, but look - the future has already arrived, we are already here! This article is about how to use the benefits of the future in affiliate marketing - yes, we are...
  19. MonRays

    Official How to work with In-page push in the dating niche❤️

    How to work with In-page push in the dating niche❤️ The In-Page advertising format can be a highly beneficial tool for promoting dating offers. In skilled hands, such advertising attracts attention, creates an emotional connection with the user, and motivates them to take some action. We will...
  20. HilltopAds

    Running the eCommerce offer at HilltopAds: ROI 157,87%

    In the competitive world of eCommerce, strategic advertising is paramount. HilltopAds provides the tools and technology needed to not only stay in the game but to thrive. This guide will walk you through the essential steps for creating and managing a successful eCommerce campaign on the...