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  1. Zaryab Khattak

    Affiliates Wanted Inhouse Home-improvements offers for the US geo!

    Ellow Ellow, What's up everybody! i know i know I am waaaaaay behind schedule but i have many other things to manage believe me :) Anyways! Evander Affiliates has put up a new show regarding Home-improvement campaigns for the US geo that are currently on demand and looking forward more...
  2. KateGorb

    Seeking Help Launching new projects!

    Hello everyone! I need your advice. If you run a business where you have several different products and you want to try a new promotional campaign, what product you should start your campaign with - a popular one or a new one?
  3. TingoApp

    CBD Networks Campaigns

    Hi Guys! We run CBD campaigns in Taboola and Thorough Zemanta and works very well the last year. Which are your experience running in this vertical? Some other networks to recommend me? Thanks.
  4. Honeybadger

    Video --> Losing Money or Buying Data?

    From AWC channel
  5. D

    Ask Me Anything The perfect CPA campaign setup! Tools, products, websites etc... you use in your daily routine

    Hey Guys, please excuse the dumb questions of a noob. I know I have to build my own expertise to become successful and I am doing it quite hard , however, as a starter it's sometimes necessary to ask you guys some simple things not just to avoid the most stupid mistakes but just to have a clean...
  6. luckyboy

    Need Advice About Smartlink

    Hi guys.Ihave a question about Pop ads and smartlink campaign.I am testing various traffic sources with default smartlink,but no prelander and the conversions are very low.Are u guys using a prelander for smartlink camapign for better conversion?Is it going to increase the conversions?I thought...
  7. blitz skygazer

    Campaign Length

    Hi Everyone, One question around CPA Campaigns is this: how long does a typical campaign last? is it based on the offer? what is a typical campaign length? or is that dependent on the person running it? is 30 days too long or 7 days to short to make a campaign profitable once you have done...
  8. CPAHub

    Affiliates Wanted Push Notification Subscription Campaigns - Get paid for your traffic!

    Hello everyone! We're currently buying your traffic for our Notification Subscription Campaigns. These convert after someone subscribes for push notifications (1 click flow). Currently, we are only looking for traffic in ALL GEOs. We accept mobile Android traffic. If your traffic is HQ enough...
  9. Luis Oscar Cruz

    PopAds games category: what type of offer can I use to find SiteID sub-niches, then target each one?

    Hello everyone! I have 2 questions. About the first one: - I would like to do a seed campaign in PopAds targeting the games category to then research the SiteIDs, find the sub-niches I find (arcade, gambling, casino, etc.). Then do a campaign for arcade, one for gambling, and one for casino...
  10. Steve @ Voluum

    Ask Me Anything Step-by-step: Create your first Voluum custom notification

    INTRO Notifications are the best way to be in the loop with your campaigns. You can react instantly when something needs your attention, you can rest easy when event counters reach expected levels, or you can simply celebrate when you get your first conversion. Notifications are available in...
  11. ADdrawTech Network

    Looking new Traffic Sources

    Hello Members, We are ADdrawTech and working on CPI business model, we have direct and semi-direct CPI campaigns for WW goes. We are looking for new traffic sources for them who can deliver quality traffic to them and can reach KPIs. Kindly suggest who work only on post-payment terms. Waiting...
  12. B

    The leads came from low traffic volume website ids ! what should i do ?

    Hello Guys I'm A beginner in CPA marketing, I know the basics and have run a lot of campaigns before but never made it to the green section. Yesterday I tested an offer with direct linking and received about 20,000 visitors and 4 conversions. So I think the first thing to do is to filter website...
  13. René Wagner

    Profitable Campaign

    Hey Guys, is there someone who had a profitable campaign on first try, without starting to optimize?
  14. René Wagner

    First campaign kills

    Hey Guys, I want to start to promote my first offer from maxbounty on outbrain or taboola. Its an biz ops offer and the csmpaign links to a landingpage. Is there anything i should be aware of, like using the right link, shorten the link etc? Is there an step by step guide to run the first...
  15. K

    About my current campaign! Need suggestion.

    Hi everyone, Last month I start my campaign on Google Adwords and Bing Ads to promote the $48 offer (Pay per sale). I found that this campaign is profitable. (I just spent about $900 to make $2000 back). This is my very first profitable affiliate campaign after 2 months learning & trying to...
  16. tyoussef

    CPA Marketing Tutorial - Lesson 3: Let's optimize our previous campaign

    In the previous lesson, we launched our campaign. Now, let's see the results. I don't think anybody has shown this before in a step-by-step video with real stats. Now let me show you how to optimize your campaign :) :) . Any questions, let me know please...
  17. R3DRUM

    How to Identify the Problem for Non Profitable Campaign?

    This is the follow up of my previous thread: How to Scale your Mobile Campaigns effectively? Part 2 In this thread, I'm going to give tips on how to identify the problems behind your non-profitable campaigns. What makes up a profitable campaign? Good Offer + Good Creatives(Banners/LPs) +...
  18. T

    About Connection Types targeting on advertising network

    I run few campaigns with some ad networks but I'm still confused when targeting connection types. Most of networks have 4 main connection types to target: Dial-up, Cable/DSL, Corporate, Cellular I almost only use Cellular connection since my target is Mobile devices. Dial-up is quite clear and...
  19. R

    Best Offer for Bing PPC

    Hey i want to run bing ppc form maxbounty can any one suggest me the best offer running this month
  20. S

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for Publishers to run our own GCC DE T1 Nordics offers (Forex/Binary)

    Hey guys! Looking for Publishers to run our own GCC DE T1 Nordics offers (Forex/Binary) PM