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Ask Me Anything The perfect CPA campaign setup! Tools, products, websites etc... you use in your daily routine

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by DrMichael, Oct 7, 2020.

  1. DrMichael

    DrMichael Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Guys,
    please excuse the dumb questions of a noob.
    I know I have to build my own expertise to become successful and I am doing it quite hard , however, as a starter it's sometimes necessary to ask you guys some simple things not just to avoid the most stupid mistakes but just to have a clean start.
    I wasn't able to look an expert over the shoulder yet, so I really don't know how your work looks like, you organize your computer setup for the main purposes, e.g. any browser extensions I need urgently, software etc...
    My Project.
    I want to start a little CPA campaign and would like to get some help.

    The campaign:
    Want to buy some (cheap) traffic and lead it to my own landing page from there you go to a CPA product site where I get $80 when someone orders a free product.
    I want to have a state-of-the-art setup, meaning want to use the best tools, that are industry standard and most marketers are using...preferred best free /trial tools, so I avoid costs with my first attempt.

    These questions come into my mind when I think of the stages.
    - want to buy some cheap traffic($300): e.g. $0.1-0.3 per click , what are the best sources to look for (cheap) traffic-PPC, are there any price comparison sites etc?
    Anything important I have to look for?
    - landing page: what kind of hosting do I have to buy or what other options do I have? Any known pitfalls? Are there any knowledge about conversion and , e.g. length. Where can I best get information about traffic of existing blogs, websites etc.
    - what tools/products are best to monitor and track my campaign. Just would like to know 2-3 good examples with a short explanation. Or just for managing a campaign as automatically as possible. Can you give some of your income to the buyer, as kind of motivation?If, how?
    -affiliate network: are there common mistakes I can make choosing a partner. Any black lists? What payment provider is best for a starter?

    I am very curious if I get some useful responses which would result in a positive impression of this forum.

    Thank you very much.
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  3. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    PPC clicked traffic is over 0.20 facebook, bing over $1 CPC google ads
    I bought some supposed 'quality' traffic today after filtering the easy bots out it cost $.045 a hit and I think it may be 50% botz still :O so we are up to $0.09 /hit with nothing to show for it so far ...
    525 made it to the website targeted (offer) and I have a gross count of 1086 ...
    echo "21/1086"|bc -l
    $21.00 down and counting in about 4 hours ...
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