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  1. dark/light

    content locking with cpalead

    hey everyone, i just joined the cpalead network, but I have a question regarding using the content locker. So I made a content locker using their content locker creator, and they gave me a Javascript Code code to insert it inside the <head> tag and a onclick code to insert it inside a button. I...
  2. Mcgabby

    How do I earn on affiliate fix

    As a newbie here, I want to know if there are direct or direct ways of earning money here just like other forums like beermoney
  3. Mcgabby

    A newbie with ardent perspiration

    I came to affiliate fix with the intention of generating traffic to my site.But I need some time to understand how the whole platforms runs. Please are there quick to grab strategies that would save me the time and effort as a newbie here
  4. Mcgabby

    Best hair loss supplements

    What are the beat hair loss supplements that are recommendable?
  5. D

    Ask Me Anything The perfect CPA campaign setup! Tools, products, websites etc... you use in your daily routine

    Hey Guys, please excuse the dumb questions of a noob. I know I have to build my own expertise to become successful and I am doing it quite hard , however, as a starter it's sometimes necessary to ask you guys some simple things not just to avoid the most stupid mistakes but just to have a clean...
  6. PaidPoints

    The Online World And The Offline World. Are They Similar? What's The Difference?

    Some people take the online world as different from the offline world. They think the online world is not as real as the offline world. They do not believe that any serious business, income could come out of the online world. My mum for example thinks this way. While I do understand them...
  7. PaidPoints

    Online Or Offline - Where Is More Money?

    A lot of people have this conception that online is not the real world and offline is the real world. But I know a lot of people that make more money online than offline, in fact, work full time online. But some people say that online jobs are not real jobs. Also it is the same humans that...
  8. Lomash Kumar

    How To Create A Facebook Ad For Affiliate Marketing and Clickbank Products 2019 | [EASILY]

    Create A Facebook Ad For Affiliate Marketing and Clickbank Products 2019 | [EASILY]
  9. Lomash Kumar

    Clickbank For Beginners 2019 | (FOR PEOPLE WHO COMPLETELY BROKE)

    Clickbank For Beginners 2019 | (FOR PEOPLE WHO COMPLETELY BROKE)
  10. I

    What is the best way to build passive income

    What is the best way to build passive income stream online in 2019?
  11. K

    7 Ways to promote my business on the Internet for free

    1. Secure your Presence in the Maps of the Main Search Engines 2. Promote my Business in Social Networks 3. Promote my business by publishing a Blog 4. Put Videos Related to your Business on YouTube 5. Promote my Business By publishing a Photo Catalog on Flickr 6. Send your Customers a Press...
  12. kevkev

    Looking for a better life opportunity to succeed

    I'm new here trying to learn in this crazy online world. I have to admit that I am intregede with trying to profit online. So many scams out there and sometimes it's hard to just find that right niche. My journey keeps on going!!
  13. Ruby Jean

    Why is Social Media Such an Important Part of a Internet Marketing ?

    Why online Marketing is important for every business.
  14. Akeentech

    $20 Investment

    Can you guys please suggest any profitable investment you can start with $20 may be online or offline that would bring ROI thanks. If you have any or you know how l can make at least $20 a day you can reach me on Skype @ awoo01 please no scam.
  15. thehustler

    Regarding a product in ClickBank. Scam or Legit?

    Hey, first of all, if this not the appropriate category for this, kindly move it to the suitable one. Now, I was looking forward to promoting a product from ClickBank known the Az Code which has over 100 gravity. So, I thought to have a look around on this and I found a couple of sites that...
  16. thehustler

    Not getting any conversions

    Hello, I need some help on getting conversions. Things I am doing - 1) I'm promoting ClickBank products with gravities above 70 in all but I'm NOT getting any conversions. However, the hop impressions are around 65, 88, 45, 55, 31, 70 etc and only made two sales in these 2 months. (Screenshot...
  17. John Dimos

    Best email marketing biz?

    Hey beautiful people! JD here! I'm a newbie to the forum and happy to be here as I look around and see whats going on in here. Can anyone tell me.. if you wanted to seriously build an incredible affiliate email marketing biz and never done it before.. but you're hungry and want to ensure you...
  18. rajptl129


    AffiNext provides a complete guide on how to make money online with the best affiliate programs. Here you find extensive resources on affiliate marketing. We review and compare all top affiliate programs and rank the best ones. A stop here will give you all the information you need to start...
  19. Novak Dabetic

    Make $200+ with this Simple easy method

    Very simple and easy method if you have no money! It's simple and passive with little effort. The pay is small amount per download but if you share massive amounts across many busy sites you can bank good without any investment at the start. The key is to get quality things people will want or...
  20. H


    Hi, i'm Darl, i love social media internet marketing. I was told this is one of the best place to do that.