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Regarding a product in ClickBank. Scam or Legit?


Hey, first of all, if this not the appropriate category for this, kindly move it to the suitable one.

Now, I was looking forward to promoting a product from ClickBank known the Az Code which has over 100 gravity. So, I thought to have a look around on this and I found a couple of sites that show that the Product is actually a scam. The video reviews of clients in the program sales video were actually done using services from Fiverr (pic attached).

The two sites that reviewed Az Code and proved fake testimonials are:
1) The AZ Code Review: Scam Or Make $10,000/Week From Amazon?

2) Is The AZ Code a scam? My review exposes the truth! - Hi Money Bye Scams

What I want to know is if this the real thing about the program, then how come it has 100+ gravity? I just don't want to promote s#itty things to people and ruin my upcoming reputation and get showered with refunds right from the get-go.

What do you all think about this?


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I really don't know but ... At 100% gravity don't you think everyone and their brother is trying to hustle this?
The Internet is a place of back-biting also -- you have to take a lot of scam reporting with a grain of salt.

People go on Yelp and write fake reviews dissing competitors all of the time.

With that said -- do you still believe this to be a solid product? Might you buy it yourself based on what you know?

Well I read the page The AZ Code Review: Scam Or Make $10,000/Week From Amazon? fast I would add -- been a long day :p

She claims it is a misrepresentation that it is really about how to become a merchant not an affiliate. I think the income claims MAY BE PLAUSIBLE for an Amazon MERCHANT but highly doubtful that some affiliate with a blog will ever achieve that. Again I am basing my answer on her assertions -- she is apparently pissed off because she paid $37 for something she found useless.

I would investigate HOW the AZ code is being sold to the public. Was she duped and coned into buying it or not? That would be my question.