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  1. K

    Cpabuild review

    What do you guys think of Cpabuild
  2. A

    Ask Me Anything Is Adplexity worth it?

    So I know affiliatefix offers a lifetime discount and that got me wondering if getting adplexity is worth it to spy on my competitors? I'm currently using a free tool called but the information it displays is not very informative and the UI is in Russian :p. Anyone's campaign roi...
  3. Daceyank

    Zulutrade affiliate program review - how much you can earn?

    Recently I bumped into zulutrade affiliate program offer. Before I saw revshare offers only from the brokers which now switched to CPA. But I always hesitated because the biggest part of brokers is aimed for the clients to wipe out their deposits. And I always was thinking, that revshare is not...
  4. Tech N Byte

    Review Review the Design of our Website

    Hello Folks, We've recently updated the design of our Business Website at Please have a look and let us know your valuable opinions to help us improve. Thanks
  5. ansyl

    Real life example analysis, "walk-through"

    What's the best way to receive some feedback on a campaign I'm running? Sorry but I feel quite lost, not even sure I use the right terminology, I'll try and explain in plain english. :) I'm a total noob, just starting (or trying to). I've been reading around about the fear blocking people from...
  6. Jacob Hicks

    RESOLVED - AFFILIATE FRAUD - MAXBounty Is Illegally Asking Me To Provide My Photo ID

    Yes, I was affiliate with maxbounty and recently they terminated my account for "fraud" reason which is Not true. They have my $1,650 earnings in my account and refused to release the payment by saying some BS reasons which is not true at all. The account manager Corey Maxbounty asked me to...
  7. thehustler

    Regarding a product in ClickBank. Scam or Legit?

    Hey, first of all, if this not the appropriate category for this, kindly move it to the suitable one. Now, I was looking forward to promoting a product from ClickBank known the Az Code which has over 100 gravity. So, I thought to have a look around on this and I found a couple of sites that...
  8. R

    Maxbounty Deliberately Terminates the Affiliates Account Before the Payment Date

    Yes, I am not BS'ing here.... maxbounty just wants to take your hard earned money. Don't believe...? Believe when it happens to you....
  9. Obaidullah

    Resolved - Unfair Review from Ricardox

    Hi, The data he provided was full of errors which obviously no one would pay for. The whole spreadsheet was full of errors like Address was in City field and even in the name field there were terms like "Vapor215" which is obviously NOT a Contact Name. We asked hm to cleaning the data so that...
  10. J

    Bitcoin Cloud Mining offers - your experience as an affiliate

    Hi! I'm analizing weather to propose to add this vertical to our network or not, but I still haven't made up of my mind... What do you think about it? -Are you promoting these type of offers? what is your experience? -what things do you expect from promoting these brands? -how is the conversion...
  11. Joey.Pacouter

    Instamate 2 - One time investment for schedule your post on instagram

    Hi everyone, First thanks for reading, I have a question for you, How to have a smart solution for business on Instagram? The solution is a lot out there but it really makes you happy And I think this will be the perfect solution for people who are trying to find a great way to create leads and...
  12. Nirmalya Saha

    Welcome Review

    Hello all i welcome review for my Blog ( so, Please review....
  13. Nirmalya Saha

    welcome review my new blog

    Hello Everybody I'd love some tips and critiques about my Blog: about guide to new blogger and recommendation some good resource.
  14. KatePage

    Logo&website review needed

    Hi! Please check this logo and write your feedback (positive\negative\any suggestions). This is a logo of Personal Money Service that tries to match the loan lenders with the borrowers, so it was rather difficult to make a good, noticeable logo. And please write what you think about the whole...
  15. Circulation.Tube

    Nominating Ad-maven to worst support ever

    Hi all :) I work with over 35 publishers 6 days a week for my job as media buying but i never come across a DSP like Ad-maven who re-plays so bad as Ad-maven does... Already 4 weeks ago i mailed them trough their contact forum with some questions... 3 weeks later i finally received a answer...
  16. Pay Per Call Guru

    Pay Per Call Gave Me Freedom!

    Hi guys, this is not my personal story, but one that was emailed to me by one of my students who took my Pay Per Call Exposed Course. Its so inspiring, and shows what dedication and action can achieve. Hoping it will inspire other affiliates - regardless if in pay per call or not. Live the life...
  17. Chris Porter

    My 10 Day Earnings! Let me know what you think!

    Below are my 10 day earnings! I have been working with affiliate marketing for a few years now, but this recent year has been a good year for me! Just in 10 days I have made $1,779 and pulled 427 leads! Share your knowledge with me! I love to bounce around ideas. My commissions were made from...
  18. Nick360

    TeeMarketingAcademy ?

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this question but anyways. Does anyone here know about the teemarketingacademy course? I have tried to look up honest reviews of it and all of them say positive things but the reason I can't trust these reviewers is because all of them have...
  19. kingnani Feedback needed

    Hello all!! have tried tried tspring earlier but no success so far. Would like to try this time for campaign ideas. is there anyone tried teespy here. please write your feed back. TIA
  20. R

    Reviews for mobile apps

    Hi. Android, IOS reviews..let's discuss ;) anyone interested, write to me in S -P tof_21